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The Strangeness Goes On And On


For all of the human attempts to place a sense of order to the universe, it seems as if the laughing gods looking down upon us must keep sending visual reminders that what we perceive is not reality.


World anomalies have always been with us. The late Charles Fort gained fame at the turn of the Twentieth Century with his books about authentic reports of falling fish, frogs, blocks of ice and other strange and unexplainable events.


As scientists struggle to explain away the miracles of the early builders who raised massive blocks of stone to build the pyramids, Stonehenge and the Easter Island images, it seems that the number and variations of impossible events is on the increase.


Not only are our night skies filled with the lights of unidentified flying craft, the crop circles become even more elaborate, more marvelous miracle children are being born into the world, and people are seeing creatures that are so different and so odd that nobody can identify them.


Among the latest string of anomalies:


In January, 2000, at least 15 giant basketball-size blocks of ice dropped from cloudless skies over a large area of Spain during a 10-day period. The blocks crushed car hoods, fell through rooftops and even the windshield of a car. The balls weighed up to eight pounds.


The following summer, a Reuters News reporter said he witnessed a tapered object shaped like the bell of a trumpet dropping out of the sky near West Chester, Pennsylvania. He said he saw colors from yellow on the flared end, which approached the ground, to green in the tapering midsection, and rust-red at the top. Investigators found no trace of the object, but a cornfield at that site was flattened.


Then there was the strange incident on February 21, 2004 when electronic door locking devices in an estimated 1,000 cars, trucks and vans malfunctioned at about the same time in Las Vegas, Nevada. Police, fire departments, locksmiths, tow truck operators and car dealerships were besieged with calls from stranded motorists who could not get into their vehicles.


In Wales, a deep 20-meter-long gash in the side of a mountain recently appeared and natives of the area cannot explain how it happened. It is said that a deep cut gorge, located about 2,500 feet high between Moel Eilio and Snowdon, starts in the heart of a cluster of smashed rock and continues down hill to end in a boggy ground near a fence. No trace of a strike by a meteor or any other large object has been found.


There was the recent odd discovery of a piranha, with a full set of teeth, was discovered on the deck of a moored vessel in the Thames River in Dagenham, East London. A native to the Amazon River in South America, no one could come up with an acceptable theory as to how it got transported so far out of its normal habitat, or how it got on the deck. One writer suggested that it must have "fallen out of the sky."


In February there was a story from Merida, Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula, about a beast dubbed the "wolfwoman" that was the subject of a mass hunt by police and farmers with guns. The creature was described by farmers who saw it as a hairy female that walked on two legs and had glowing red eyes. It was apparently feeding on chickens and ducks on the various farms.


Then we had the story of the 17-year-old Russian girl, Natasha Demkina, who stunned doctors in Russia and again in England by demonstrating her ability to see medical conditions inside people. They called her the girl with the X-ray eyes.


These are but a few of a long list of news oddities that are not only making the web, but are subjects for a round of new writers who are busy publishing books filled with collections of contemporary world anomalies.


It is as if some unseen power is constantly throwing curve balls into the game, trying to force people to take a second look at reality. To wake us up at the final hour.


Many of us clearly see what is happening. For us there is a deep understanding and comfort in knowing that we are not alone; that forces are at work even now, culling out the few evolved humans from the masses, and preparing us for a return to Eden.


What we know, by opening the right brain and third eye, is that we exist in a very dark and ultra veiled place. Bound by the power of billions of human brains, all locked into the conformity of a false existence established by the angels, the truth is visible to but a select few.


The rest have shut their minds to nonconformity. And they would not have it any other way.