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Mysterious Dark Matter In Space


Astronomers are becoming more and more convinced that space may not be the empty void we have long perceived.


The discovery of additional planet-like bodies like Sedna circling the earth, and the realization that they exist in a field of similar objects called the Kuiper Belt, and the strange Oort Cloud beyond that, opens the mind to a realization that all of space is a vast place of moving energy.


Hadit and Nuit are thus revealed before the eyes of anybody with his or her eyes fixed to a modern super telescope.


But there is more.


A recent experiment by astronomers has indicated a bombardment of sub-atomic particles that is constantly raining down on Earth.


Called WIMPS, for weakly interacting massive particles, some astronomers theorize these tiny objects comprise the so-called "dark matter" that makes up the bulk of the Universe.


It is believed that for every kg of material made of atoms that comprise the stars and visible objects on them, there also are 20 kg of something different. This is the dark matter. It exists in theory only because science has never really seen it.


The astronomers are sure the dark matter exists because they can weigh its effect on the movements of the galaxies. Yet the particles are so small, and they interact with normal matter so weakly, that they pass right  through our bodies and even Planet Earth. In effect, they are in another dimension.


In an effort to prove the existence of these particles, a group of UK scientists opened an experiment in cooperation with other world scientists. Through observation they are witnessing the tell-tale signs of rare collisions between WIMPS and ordinary atoms.


The collaborators in DAMA, for dark matter experiment, say they make more detections in summer than in winter, and they do not know why.


There is a theory about this as well. It is suggested that most of the WIMPS are moving in one direction from outside our own solar system and our own galaxy, and coming at us at ultra speed. As the planet circles the Sun, it changes position. Thus at one time of the year the astronomers making the observations are directly under the bombardment. Later, it is striking the other side of our planet.


I have to wonder if there is a link between WIMPS and the rods that many people are seeing racing through the air around us. Rods seem to have the ability to pass through walls but they change course and avoid collisions with certain objects in their path. But always traveling at break-neck speed.


Rods come in various sizes and even colors. They are traveling slowly enough that they can be observed by a trained eye. They also can be photographed. And they are much too large to be classified as sub-atomic particles.


The rods and the WIMPS are all part of a mysterious astral world that displays a constant unseen energy surrounding our three-dimensional existence. They are proof that what we think we know is wrong. It is just the tip of the massive and mysterious iceberg known as the Universe.