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Is Time Travel Possible?


From the various news postings in the web comes evidence of a growing interest in time travel.


While some argue that it cannot be done, others show mathematically that a passage through time . . . at least forward . . . is quite possible. There is even a belief among some that the time barrier can be breached in both directions.


If this is true, and humans achieve time travel at some moment in the future, there should be some evidence of time travelers visiting us.


Yet there, in itself, lies the paradox. Like ripples from a stone tossed in a pond, a single person traveling back in time could theoretically cause enough of a change in events to alter the course of current history.


Consider the enigma of the man who travels backward in time where he accidentally causes the death of his own grandfather. If the grandfather does not live to meet and have children by the grandmother, does the killer exist? And if he no longer exists, how can he successfully show up in that moment of time to commit the act that kills the grandfather?


There also is the question of a time traveler co-existing with himself in the recent past. Can he occupy the same world with himself without somehow upsetting some kind of natural balance?


Then, if something occurs in the past to change events as we know them now, would we know it? Once the past is changed, our knowledge of history would theoretically be altered as well. 


Questions like these have baffled scientists, but not deterred them from seeking a solution to this problem of time travel. Various inventors have claimed to have made machines that prove that objects can be propelled through time. Some believe that Tesla and the Navys mystery Philadelphia experiment during World War II succeeded in projecting an entire ship and all of its crew through a time warp into the future and then back again.


Some believe that Tesla, himself, may have been a time traveler, or at the least, a person able to look into the collective and tap into visions of future technology. Another visionary in his day, Leonardo da Vinci, who drew detailed pictures of submarines, steam powered engines, bicycles and other devices long before they existed, was also a man out of time.


In 1935, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen determined that a tiny rip in a black hole could be connected to another tiny rip in a second black hole, thus creating a tunnel, or "wormhole" through space and time. It was called the Einstein-Rosen bridge. That idea is still attracting would-be inventors of time machines.


If there is so much danger to time travel . . . both to the traveler and to ourselves once the traveler projects off into the past . . . why do it?


I believe there is a growing collective knowledge among all humans that we made a serious wrong turn and now are headed hell-bent for human extinction. There is a desire to turn back the clock and fix whatever can be fixed, so that we no longer are moving on this path toward self destruction.


So if we succeed in traveling back to any chosen point in history, where would we want to go?  And what possible thing could a sole time traveler do to fix our current dilemma?


I believe a possible choice would be to a point about 2000 years ago when the Christian church was getting organized. If the angelic interference with Saul on the road to Damascus could be blocked and Saul prevented from entering his ministry as Paul, it might retard the church from growing into anything more than a temporary world cult.


But I think the damage goes much deeper than Christianity and the other world religions.


Somehow the angels need to be exposed for their misdeeds from the very beginning of the human experience. At the time of the Luciferian connection with DNA implantation in Eden, there needed to be an acute human awareness of the tugging and pulling by both the angelic and demonic forces. Yet, as I think about the brilliant mind of Lucifer, I doubt if he made any mistakes when he went about the creation of contemporary man. There must have been safeguards.


His insistence that we have the freedom to choose became our weakness.


The question is, how did the angels manage to overpower our minds as well as they did?


My reasoning is that there must have been some event, or series of critical events in the past that caused our downfall. It may have been so subtle that it seemed, at the time, to of been unimportant. It was something overlooked by historians. But it is something that can probably be found through advanced remote viewing.


If and when the day arrives that we can, indeed, project ourselves through time, I would like to think that it still may be possible to divert our path and still save this dying world.


Without a miracle of that magnitude, I fear that we are all doomed to extinction.