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Time Travelers Have Been
With Us for Centuries

Ever since H. G. Wells excited the imagination of millions with his 1895 novel "The Time Machine," the concept of time travel has fascinated science-fiction writers.

Within the last century, intricate and complex plots developed as writers carefully thought of all the problems linked to someone projecting himself either back or forward in time. They wondered what would happen if, for example, a time traveler met himself, or went into the past and altered a single event that had a major impact on the future.

Those who recall the popular Hollywood film series "Back to the Future" understand just how complex those time travel plots can get.

I have news. Time travel has been around for thousands of years, but as far as I know, it hasn't been done the way H. G. Wells or the Hollywood film makers envisioned. People do it by leaving their bodies and entering the spiritual world, where time does not exist. From there, all events from either the past or future are known.

The contemporary writer
Mary Summer Rain gives a wonderful description of this kind of traveling in the "astral" in her books. They tell of the writer's discussions with a Potawatami woman named No Eyes, who was physically blind, but an amazing psychic visionary. She taught Rain to follow her in fascinating out of the body visits to a spiritual world that few people know exists.

I believe the great prophets of the Old Testament, and magicians like
Jesus, Nostradomas, Edgar Cayce and Aleister Crowley were able to accurately predict events of the future because they knew the secret of out-of-body time travel. H.G. Wells also may have had this gift because his books, all written after "The Time Machine," accurately predicted aircraft, aerial warfare, super highways, television, radio, overpopulation and the atomic bomb, years before they were invented. There are indications, as I will show later in this article, that physical time travel also will exist at some future date.

I suspect the inventor
Nikola Tesla also was a time traveler. This man changed our lives with the inventions of alternating electrical current, the electrical transformer, the hydroelectric generator, radio, x-rays, vacuum tubes, fluorescent lights, microwaves, radar, the rotary engine and the loud speaker to name a few. He even claimed to have conceived of a way to transmit energy through the air, without the use of wires, and said he could build a "death ray" machine that could knock aircraft out of the sky. For political and financial reasons, he was never allowed to build either device.

How could Tesla invent so many amazing things within a single lifetime? I believe he had a photographic memory and understood mechanical things when he looked at them. I had an uncle who could do that. He was a draftsman by trade. Once he saw a machine, he could draw a design for duplicating it.

Suppose Tesla had this ability. By traveling forward in time, he could then examine the electronic things in use, which was obviously his expertise, and return to his own time and duplicate it. If this is what happened, Tesla was an anomaly within the time continuum. By stealing the invention from someone in the future, Tesla, himself, became the inventor. Like the movie characters, he rushed "back to the future."

The late
Robert Monroe, who founded the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia, started the school because he wanted to study the phenomenon of leaving the body. His interest was personal. Monroe was having trouble staying in his body. When he would do a simple thing like lie down for a nap, he often found himself floating around on the ceiling, looking down on himself sleeping on the bed.

Monroe, who wrote books on his experiences, discovered how to travel around in the "other world" that exists outside of our bodies. It is a spiritual world, filled with a variety of life forms, including the so-called aliens who most people believe travel here from outer space. That is not true. Like we who visit their world, they come from other dimensions, make brief visits, then go back again. Monroe apparently did not do much time traveling. His books, however, help support the fact that people do leave their bodies and enter another world where time travel is possible.

The Monroe Institute now teaches that people who leave their bodies can go to various levels of collective consciousness, where people go after they die. Each level is identified by a number. I believe it is level 15 where you can go either right or left, and travel either backward or forward in time. I have a friend who studied at the institute, and is very skilled at moving around on level 15. He has some amazing stories to tell about the past and the future, which will be subjects for future articles.

Maj. Ed Dames who taught remote viewing
, or looking at things through right brain functioning, and Engo Swann, a psychic who invented the concept, have given us yet another way to travel through time.

Remote viewing is not an easy thing to learn. It takes hours and hours of practice, usually with a partner. It involves repetitious actions that cause the left part of the brain, which handles most of our daily activities, to shut down. When that happens, the creative right side of our brain turns on. It is through right brain functioning that we get the information.

Remote viewing involves a lot of work and discipline to master, but the rewards can sometimes be high. People who have successfully mastered remote viewing have become wealthy finding lost treasure, searching for lost people, and investigating unsolved mysteries. There are only a very few of these people in existence.

After getting my hands on a set of tapes produced at the Monroe Institute a few years ago, I also learned how to leave my body. I have visited the so-called astral, and met some of the life forms there.
I haven't reached level 15, however, so must rely on what the entities I meet in sub-space tell me. They warn of something terrible looming in our future. It is such an urgent message that it is always the first thing I am told about when I meet an entity.
We communicate in pictures because there is no common language. What I get from them is a picture of fire and smoke. I think it is war, disease and famine that kills a large segment of the Earth's population. But I also have reason to believe that some humans will survive.

I know this because of the mysterious crop circles now being found in grain fields all around the world. The crop circles have a way of "appearing" in an instant in the center of a field. They often are intricate patterns best seen from the air. Some people, who have managed to secretly make imitations of the crop circles, claim they are the work of pranksters. Others believe they are made by aliens. Everybody is trying to find a secret message in them.

The message to me is quite simple. They are markers for time travelers from the future. These are people who may even travel physically through time. They make these marks in such perishable places as wheat fields because they only remain fresh for a few days. After this, nature erases them. In this way, time travelers can find specific places in time and return to them as often as they wish. The fact that so many crop circles are being produced indicates that this is an interesting time for people of the future to visit.

In one of his recent visits on Art Bell's radio show, Dames was asked by a caller about UFOs. He said he or his students have remote viewed them. Some of them appear to be alien craft, some are our own ships, and he believes some are time machines from the future.

If he is right, it suggests that (1.) we are at a pivotal point in world history, and (2.) the human race survives.

And this leads to the obvious question. Are we being manipulated by the people from the future so that we don't destroy the Earth and ourselves along with it? And if this is so, how did those people reach the future if we are going to destroy ourselves? See what I mean about complex time travel plots?