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Are You Ready For Soul Catcher 2025?


A company called British Telecom in England is working on a tiny microchip that can be place in people's bodies that will put them on permanent record in a master computer. The plan is to implant this chip in the skull just behind the eye, where it can record a person's every thought, experience and sensation.


The name of this chip will be Soul Catcher 2025. That is because the company believes it will be ready for use in the year 2025. Some people believe versions of this chip are already in use, and are being implanted in unwilling subjects.


The Christians will obviously see the chip as the dreaded "mark of the beast" as warned in the strange prophetic Biblical Book of the Revelation.


The warning in Rev. 14:9-10 is severe: "If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God . . ."


Millions of people, especially the Bible believers, have been programmed by these verses to be on the lookout for something like this in the so-called "end times," and to reject the mark for fear of facing eternal judgment by a vengeful God.


But if you look at this story from the perspective of a Luciferian, that is one who rejects the Bible story as a work of fiction by angels who are working to destroy mankind because we were the genetic creation of Lucifer, then we must have a different viewpoint.


Then, obviously, we ask the question, is the chip going to be a bad thing?


Dr. Chris Winter, from British Telecom's Artificial Life team, said the chip implant will enable scientists to record people's lives and play back their experiences on a computer. "By combining this information with a record of a persons genes," he said "we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually." He said it could mean that people can use this technology to live forever, by simply moving from one body into another. Or perhaps moving from our body into an artificial robotic body, but retaining the memory of who we are.


"The implanted chip would be like an aircraft's black box," Winter said. He added that it would "enhance communications beyond current concepts. For example, police would be able to use it to relive an attack, rape or murder, from a victims viewpoint." Thus such a chip might put an end to crime.


It would certainly change the way we live, especially if we know that somebody can some day look back at all of our thoughts, experiences and emotions. That could be an uncomfortable concept for anybody with secret perversions and hidden agendas.


Aaron C. Donahue sees positive and negative connotations connected with this chip. He said he believes that because of the looming wars, the destruction of the Earth's ecology, global warming and overpopulation people are going to have to make dramatic changes in the way they live if they hope to survive much longer. And a chip implant will be a critical part of the global program we must accept.


In other words, everybody must give up their freedom and independence, and start accepting a more communistic and controlled form of life. Donahue also believes that a key to our survival will be the formation of a world government.


The microchip will be an extremely important tool for eliminating the volumes of paperwork connected with establishing identities, handling finance, medical records, and a variety of other things involved in daily living, Donahue believes.


The dark side of the chip lies in the more distant future. Once the planet gets too polluted to support life, people will start transferring their memory chips and consciousness into computer matrix systems and placing them in places that will escape destruction by solar flares, volcanic action and other natural disasters. In other words, they think they will be programming themselves to live forever.


What they will be doing, however, is making cyborgs out of themselves.


Aaron has seen the horror of this in remote viewing sessions dealing with a strange red haired woman in a blue dress that revealed herself to him a few years ago. He found out that she no longer existed as a human being, but was a cyborg, communicating to him from some future time.


Her story is told on Aarons web site. He writes:


"Soon after the wars, it will be apparent that we as a species have little time left to develop an alternative to total extinction. A frantic effort will be employed to transfer human consciousness into a computer matrix that will emulate an idealized world with the holographic illusion, programmed sensation and perceived omnipresence.


"Very sophisticated computers or 'pods' will be buried and encased deep within the earth, at first by the Japanese. Other devices that communicate remotely with these computers will be placed within or on the moon of Earth, mars and a large piece of space rock.


"These computers will maintain a form of human consciousness theoretically for an inconceivable amount of time and so long as this remains true, humans who are locked into this system will invariably ask for death. This any many other paradoxical errors could not be factored within any related program prior to the conception of such a device capable of matching the complexity of human consciousness," Donahue writes.


Here is the strange part of this story. He said he has attempted to communicate with the woman in the blue dress, but only receives two basic messages. They are: "let us die," and "2025."


Interesting that the name of the new chip is "Soul Catcher 2025."