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Science At Last Looking At Psychic Functioning


There is an interesting article in the January issue of Psychological Science by Ron Rensink, an associate professor in psychology and computer science at the University of British Columbia, about a personal study of the human experience called "the sixth sense."


Rensink gives this common psychic experience a name: "mindsight." He says it is a phenomenon where people can sense information without actually having a visual experience of it, for a few seconds.


"There is something there," Rensink concludes. "People do have access to this other subsystem."


In his controlled experiments, Rensink used 40 people. He asked them to push a button when they either observed a change or sensed that there would be a change. They were each placed in a room where something, perhaps a projection on the wall, or a light show, would occasionally occur. Not all of the subjects perceived the "change" before it happened, but some did.


"About a third of people seemed to get this feeling of something happening, of something changing," he wrote. "It's just a gut feeling. Its clear whatever it is, they're using it in their everyday experience."


Indeed they are.


I have lived with a family of psychics and understand more than anyone those "gut feelings" that we use in our everyday experience. My wife, for example, had an uncanny ability to know when our children were up to mischief. It was common to also see her get up to answer the telephone before it rang.


One of our children had a strange premonition of people coming to our door. I recall her announcing that certain people were coming to visit within an hour or two before these exact people arrived.


A prosecutor in the county where I worked as a bureau reporter once called me ubiquitous. I don't think he meant it in a friendly way. I had a way of showing up when certain people in government were involved in monkey business and objected to having a news reporter around. Ubiquitous, by the way, means to seem to be everywhere at the same time.


This was the way we lived, and yet we never thought of ourselves as having any special abilities or being in any way extraordinary. It was not until our son, Aaron got involved in remote viewing and started identifying our natural psychic abilities through right brain functioning that we understood that we were different.


We also know that we are not alone. People around us are unconsciously using their "sixth sense" all of the time without realizing it. That we are aware of psychic functioning makes it possible for us to more easily identify it when we see it.


Through the controlled doctrines of remote viewing we have been made aware of the truth that all humans have the natural ability to utilize right brain functioning. That is what remote viewing is. A training program that forces the right brain to turn on and tap into a collective human consciousness, or information system.


Aaron has used this training program to develop an advanced form of acquiring information that he calls the Practical Application of Non-Historical Data (PAN). While I have not seen PAN is use, I have reason to believe Aaron can by-pass the old protocols of remote viewing and examine his target within minutes, if not seconds.


There seems to be a growing understanding, at least among some scholars, that the right half of the brain has a uniquely different function for human perception than the left. Left brain functioning focuses on logic and all that the individual senses as "real" perception. Right brain functioning, on the other hand, deals with imagination, philosophy, creativity and a perception that goes beyond the five senses. In other words, it deals with our sixth sense. An awareness of change without seeing physical proof that change has occurred.


In conclusion I can say at long last we of the psychic, right-brain world can breathe a small sigh of relief to know that someone . . . even if it is an associate professor of an obscure university in Canada, has started to recognize the validity of something we have known all of our lives.


It is time that angelic-driven Christian based organizations like the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) and The Amazing James Randy, who exist for the pure debunking of our claims, are put in their place.


It also is time that the hucksters who make a living palm reading, talking to dead relatives and projecting stories of future romantic life episodes for the gullible for cash, are swept away with the rest of the money grubbing con artists. It is unfortunate that these tricksters never discovered that the ability to achieve real psychic functioning was always in them. They just never took the time to find it.