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Are Americans Under Mass Sedation?


The takeover of America by George W. Bush and that gang gathered with him at the Capital, with hardly a word of protest from the people, remains a surprise and a shock to a lot of clear thinkers.


That this man could seize the office by judicial order after losing the popular vote, use executive order to release American industry from a volume of anti-pollution measures, and lead us to war against Iraq without provocation, should have stirred the wrath of the masses. It didn't happen.


That John Ashcroft, Mr. Bushs choice for the office of Attorney General, would dare to strip the power of the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by the introduction of the Patriot Act just after the attack of 9-11, is unbelievable. Hundreds of thousands of good men and women laid down their blood in the creation and protection of those documents. Yet in one quick sweep of the pen, Ashcroft, Bush and the U. S. Legislature took it all away while the smoke of that senseless attack was still rising over our heads.


I have tried to understand the mindset of the masses while watching these events. The attack was severe and while I was shocked by it, there was still a presence of mind to be aware of the fact that stripping the people of their freedoms in exchange for government protection was not the way to go.


Yet as a working news reporter covering city and county government in a politically Republican area, I have been unable to convince any of the community leaders that the Patriot Act, the unprovoked declaration of war against another country, and the Bush attack on our environment, are wrong. Their eyes glaze over when I broach the subject.


When it comes to Bush, the man seems to be unable to do anything wrong.


How can this be happening?


I know that the military has been cranking up HAARP since 9-11 because I can feel it every time those low frequency radio waves are passing through my space. Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning suggested in their book "Angels Dont Play This HAARP" that the device might be effective in mass mind control and I have certainly wondered about this.


I have also reported on a variety of other possible ways the government might have for subduing the people and preventing disorder during a political take-over. A story in the London Observer in 2002 said the American military is developing ways to use the well-known tranquilizer Valium to control hostile populations. The way most Americans are behaving these days, I wonder if we aren't already getting doses of this drug dumped in our water supply. Since I don't drink tap water, I may be immune to anything the others might be getting fed.


Or perhaps it is filtering down into our lungs with all of the other debris from those mystery contrails our Air Force is laying across out skies.


Actually, I think the sell-out by the media has been the real problem. When American journalists fail to ask hard questions and seek balanced news stories about these key events, everybody loses.


When the smiling television news anchors assure us that Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator who needed to be put out of office, that the war is justified, that business is booming under Bush, and that all is well with the world, the sheep are subdued.


The media is a powerful tool. I know because I have been involved in it for more years than I care to count. The problem is that I was a journalist back in the days when there was a code of ethics to the profession.


The trick to fair journalism is this: There are always two sides to every news story. A government press secretary might tell us what the man in power wants us to know. The trick is figuring out who wants us to know it, and why. Then we proceed to root out what Paul Harvey calls "The Rest of the Story."


I fear that the Washington Press Corps has become lazy. They have consequently become pawns of the government in charge. The mind manipulators behind Mr. Bush know just how to use the media to control the thoughts of nearly everybody.