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Tracking Truth In A Parallel Universe


In the course of my writing, I have been fond of drawing upon two stories, or myths if you will, to make my point.


The first has been the story about how lemmings march blindly in packs into the sea to drown. It is an old story that I never thought was really true. But its presence in contemporary mythology makes it a great illustration of the present plight of mankind.


Then there was the story by Ken Keyes Jr. about the 100th monkey and how a discovery by a few monkeys on a remote island entered the collective consciousness of the masses and changed monkey behavior everywhere. Aaron has used this story as a possible way to redirect the collective mind of the masses to thoughts of saving the Earth instead of exploiting it for profit.


Both of these stories have fallen under attack. If you don't believe me, search the web for a few minutes.


A scientific study has declared that lemmings do not march into the sea, but are destroyed by natural predators in a natural cycle of events when the population gets too large. And the Keyes 100 monkey story is being debunked by writers as total fabrication and myth. Not only that, but there are an amazing number of stories about 100 monkeys typing at typewriters, creating a riddle, and on and on.


I get the feeling that the things I write, and especially the things Aaron is saying in his radio talk interviews, are not only being heard, but are causing an angelic response. They see us as a real threat. I believe that Aarons plan to use 100 men, all thinking collectively about saving the Earth, might just work.


There is no doubt that collective thought, all directed at the same thing, causes results. A church full of people, all praying for healing, frequently brings miraculous recovery. A radio commentator asking his listeners to think about rain for a draught stricken area, can bring on rain within hours. This has been demonstrated over and over and always with positive results.


Aaron believes that the effect works only if the collective thought is for the good of the Earth and that it is based upon truth. Thus 100 greedy businessmen who wish to keep the world plunging down the dark path it has followed for so long, cannot counter the work of 100 men thinking about redirecting human thought into more constructive pathways.


How could so many negative and contradictory reports appear on the web so quickly after I drew on the lemming and 100-monkey stories for illustration?


Professor M. R. Franks, in an interview with Art Bell on a recent Coast to Coast A.M. radio show, talked about his new book, The Universe and Dual Reality. He has a theory that people can move from one reality into another by mentally shifting between parallel universes. While steeped in quantum physics, Franks ideas were interesting.


They would certainly explain how things can get changed so quickly from one day to the next.


What I don't quite understand is why I notice the changes and the masses do not.