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Shaking Off Angelic Programming


From the moment of birth, humans are subjected to religious and social programming. The customs of a society are always based upon the religious belief system accepted by a majority of the people. Since all religious systems are created by and operated by angelic energies, people are programmed from childhood to accept a controlled lifestyle as correct. There is a deep and "unexplained" fear to do anything else.


We are programmed to spend a lifetime of slavery.


Preschools and kindergartens push little children into reading, arithmetic and other left brain actions at an early age, thus blocking the right brain from having a chance to develop. "Gifted" children with natural right brain abilities are branded by teachers, clerics and even parents as "abnormal." Through social pressures, such children are driven into submission and conformity before they understand that their abilities are a gift, rather than a curse.


We are taught from an early age to strive for success. And success is defined as a good, high-paying job that opens the door to wealth and materialism. That a person might devote a life to the arts, but remain poor, is considered a bad thing by society. Thus many gifted, right brain and potential masters are discouraged from utilizing their true talents because society demands that they join in the mass pursuit of money. Music has gained acceptance because of pop recording stars that have achieved great wealth from the production of harsh noises that do not resemble real art.


People in this angelic-controlled society pay high prices and flock by the thousands to brain-dead entertainments. They frequent sporting contests and concerts by punk rock bands, rap and country-western singers.


The masses also are programmed to live in fear. People fear being poor. Once they acquire wealth they fear losing it. They fear people of other color and ethnic background. They fear the unknown. They fear their neighbors. They fear crime. They fear their government. They fear pain, sickness and death. They fear a false god and they fear eternal damnation for failing to live up to social and Biblical standards.


Lets face it, anyone choosing to shake off all of this angelic programming and follow a new and rewarding path has a lot of baggage to get rid of. The older we are when we start, the harder the job of reprogramming ourselves becomes.


There are no easy steps to take when we choose this new path. Nobody has opened a school for reprogramming "angeloholics." As far as I know, nobody has even written a book addressing this problem. Most people would refuse to agree that such a problem exists, or that a socially supported school of this kind is needed. Thus we must all find our own way through this maze. And most of us will spend the rest of our lives working at it.


My wife and I chose a radical path. We quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, moved from Michigan to Arizona, and lived on the road, often among the Native Americans, for three years. There were times when we wondered where our next meal was coming from, or if we would have a roof over our heads. But throughout our ordeal, we were always provided for. We learned to trust the natural forces around us, developed our own psychic abilities, and eventually tapped in the collective matrix.


We emerged from that three-year period of quick reprogramming much wiser and happier than we were before we started. We still live a humble life that is unencumbered by materialism. But every day is a new adventure. And we have conquered fear.


At least most of the time.


I told you that the reprogramming takes the rest of your life. It certainly will ours.