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Turning Off To The World
The late Dr. Timothy Leary had a catch phrase aimed at the Hippie Generation during the psychedelic 60's. He instructed the youth to "turn on, tune in, drop out." It was an invitation to take psychedelic drugs, use the drugs to awaken the mind to reality, and then separate from a profane world.
Governmental authority succeeded in destroying Leary. His words were misinterpreted by law enforcement to mean that the doctor, a skilled psychologist, was leading America's youth into an evil drug culture. Leary's advice was sound and his message should still be listened to even today.
The work of psychic Aaron C. Donahue in what he calls "the acquisition and practical application of non-historical data" through a method derived from remote viewing is paving the way for a global awakening of the mind. It is a goal that Leary would have understood. Leary was attempting to achieve the same thing with the help of psychedelic drugs.
Leary's method would have worked if the angelic-driven U. S. government hadn't shut him down, tossed him in prison, and passed laws making all psychedelic drugs highly illegal to possess or use. The laws are so severe that anyone convicted of breaking them faces no less than prison.
The amazing thing about psychedelic drugs is that they worked. People who used them in the 1960s were awakened to realities that alarmed them. It was the Hippie Generation that discovered the Earth's ecology was threatened. That generation sparked a temporary movement to save the planet from ecological disaster.
The problem with the drug culture is that it used an artificial means to reach a higher mental state. Consequently the drugs were in control of the mind, instead of visa-versa. I am convinced, however, that if the youth of Leary's day continued to use LSD, mushrooms and marijuana to stimulate right brain functioning, it would have only been a matter of time before they began seeing the world for what it really is, a bogus, plastic existence that masks reality.
The psychedelic movement ground to an abrupt stop. The Hippie generation that got a brief glimpse of the truth, has aged and fallen into the malaise that grips the world. Like lemmings, they also march in lock step toward the maw.
The world is controlled by laws generated by governments obsessed with angelic-generated religious morality. To make the ruling factions even more controlling, the element of terrorism has been added to the mix. The programmed masses are living in fear of death from unknown sources and are easily manipulated and molded to live under tyranny.
The youth of today have a subconscious knowledge that there is no future. Without someone putting the brakes on this insanity, they know that the Earth is going to be destroyed and humanity is lost.
What is the solution?
Here is a simple and quite legal way to fight. Follow the final portion of Leary's formula; don't participate.
That means turning off the televisions, radios, CD players and computers. Stop reading newspapers and magazines. Don't be manipulated by big business to buy anything. Stay home, don't go to shows, public gatherings and especially athletic events. Don't go shopping. Don't buy new cars. In fact, if possible, park your car and stop using any more fuel or energy than absolutely necessary.
Don't work if possible. If you must work, do the very minimum necessary to get by. Never volunteer to do more. Do not worship money. Earn only enough to cover your basic needs for survival. If possible, barter for exchange of services for the things you need.
Do not vote. Do not run for public office. Resist all forms of authority but always in a quiet, non-violent way. If called to jury duty speak out on behalf of the defendant and get excused. If forced to serve, always hold out in favor the the defendant, even if you think he is guilty. Elections appear to be electronically rigged so vote counting can be manipulated in favor of the ruling power. Thus there is no democracy. Court trials have degenerated to public theater. The rich man's lawyer who puts on the best show is favored by the jurors. Thus there is no justice.
If issued a traffic summons always plead innocent and force a trial, even if you think you are guilty. Never allow lawyers to represent you. It is legal for you to defend yourself although the courts will try to convince you otherwise. Demand a jury if warranted. During your trial you do not have to speak although you may cross examine witnesses and bring in witnesses of your own. It is up to the prosecution to prove its case against you. If enough people do this it will bog down an already overloaded system designed to pilfer the public and feed government coffers.
If enough people, especially the youth, join a movement of non-participation it will bring big business and government to its knees. That is because the system that controls us is fueled my money and profit. If people rebel against this ridiculous control, the power structure can be broken. It exist only because the masses allow it.
I am talking about a powerful but silent form of revolution that is perfectly legal. Nobody can arrest you or charge you for doing nothing. How can government justify laws that force one to drive his car, watch his tainted television news, or buy CDs from a controlled music industry?
Instead of walking the capitalistic treadmill and feeding your ego with the purchase of vain things, spend your time in quiet meditation. Take walks. Go to a quiet place among the trees or on a grassy hill and spend some quiet time. Read books that feed the mind.
Spend time enjoying the company of friends and loved ones.
Consider that all you have been taught from the day you were born is probably a lie. Use your great minds to explore the collective consciousness and seek all that is true. Aaron Donahue's work will help. Learning his technique for accessing higher information systems will turn on the right hemispheres of our brains and reach higher states of awareness without using psychedelic drugs.
A book is being written. In the meantime, visit Donahue's web site at www:// for more information.
If you can do these things you will, at last, be free.