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Highway 666

Holy Number 666
When we lived in Northeast Arizona we sometimes traveled U.S. 666, a highway going north from Gallup to Shiprock in the heart of Navajo Land.
Dubbed "the devil's highway," the name was a target of Christians who declared this an evil number because the Bible implies it is the number of the great beast of the apocalypse. There was a movement in political circles even then to change the name. I noticed recently that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Highway and Transportation Secretary Rhonda Faught finally got the name changed to an innocuous "491."
I find it odd that the road got the number 666 assigned to it since the U.S. Highway system was carefully designed with even numbers going East and West, and odd numbers going North and South. The number 666, while odd in religious and social circles, is technically an even number.
That the highway reaches towns located mostly within the sprawling Navajo Nation may have had something to do with the delay. It strikes me that someone in high places may have named this road as some kind of sick practical joke on the Navajo.
The Navajo properties, covering large tracts of the four states at the Four Corners, are a government within the United States. And while the Dina, or "People" as the Navajo call themselves, are superstitious about many other things, the number 666 doesn't seem to be a problem. The large Church of the Navajo is a spiritual movement that has little, if anything to do with Christianity.
If anything, the Navajo may have an understanding of the truth behind the number 666. Placing evil connotations on the number has been part of a great lie perpetrated by angelic energies for thousands of years. Billions of people, even those who have never put their hands on a Bible, perceive the number 666 as evil and they probably can't tell you why they do it.
The Cabala, a book of numbers, reveals that 666 is a magic number. It is known in esoteric circles as the "magic square of the sun." It is a number secretly used in sacred geometry and was once used in the design of the great temples of the world.
Describing the geometry behind 666 is complex. I found a definition for a magic square which reads:
"A magic square is an arrangement of the numbers from 1 to n^2 (n-squared) in an nxn matrix, with each number occurring exactly once, and such that the sum of the entries of any row, any column, or any main diagonal is the same."
There are certain magick numbers that behave in this way. The simplest are the numbers one and three.
So why would angelic forces wish to desecrate this sacred number?
I believe it is part of a carefully designed plot by alien angelic forces to destroy the human race. The false religious systems established by the angels, and accepted by the masses, are designed to conceal the truth and prevent us from knowing ourselves.
The Bible is a book of veiled half-truths, filled with predictions of future events that the angels want to happen. They want us to bring on an apocalypse because they want us to destroy ourselves. That was not the way it was supposed to happen. An apocalypse will occur only if we allow it.
We are the creation of Lucifer who manipulated the DNA of planet primates thousands of years ago. We were created in the image of Lucifer.
Lucifer is, from our perspective, a rebellious angel who broke the rules. There has been warfare raging in spiritual places over our existence ever since. There are what we call the angelic forces, opposing Lucifer. Then there are the angelic forces that support Lucifer. For the sake of clarification, we will call them Luciferians.
The angels, who seem to have had an upper hand for at least 4,000 years, desperately want humans to blindly reject Lucifer's final campaign to save us.
The number 666 is a key to unlocking the bonds that have blinded mankind. Visit the web site of Aaron C. Donahue and you will see that he is using this amazing number in a formula that allows him to see future numbers, or what he calls non-historical data.
Donahue successfully used the formula to predict winning lottery numbers in a three-digit draw for six consecutive days.
The number 666 is a threat to established religious systems and big business enterprises that have worked together to enslave the human race for a very long time. The number is no threat to the masses. If anything, it is a ticket to a New Aeon of freedom.