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The Voices In Our Head
We have heard the stories about the hopeless schizophrenic that murders his or her family, or shoots up a restaurant full of people because "God told me to do it."
The association with "voices in the head" and mental illness is so strong that most people are afraid to mention it when it happens to them. But perfectly normal people hear internal voices all the time. It has happened to me.
I recall some years ago when I was attempting to make a left turn at a blind corner. Just as I thought I had an opening in traffic and was about to pull out, a distinct voice said: "Don't do it!" I braked in time to avoid a collision with a speeding truck that whizzed through the intersection. I had not seen that truck.
I have always been curious about that voice. It was a strong male voice. It was as if I had a passenger in the car at the moment, but I was quite alone. It occurred to me that I had a guardian angel and it was the angel that had saved me from a serious accident.
In later years, after learning to go out of my body, I discovered that angels are not friends of humanity. There are no "guardian" angels, but rather a host of angelic alien forms hovering and putting mental thoughts in our heads. Angels communicate in song and strange dialect. They are not our friends, but rather our controllers. Angelic forces are openly at war with us and their purpose seems to be to destroy the human race. It would be highly unlikely that an angel blurted out the warning that caused me to stop my vehicle seconds before a crash.
So what voice did I hear?
I believe it is possible that humans have a third ear . . . much like the third eye . . . that is capable of tapping into the matrix, or collective consciousness of necessary information. It is just possible that I heard my own voice from a subconscious level warning to be break my car.
A recent experiment by Thomas Dierks of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, shows that certain parts of the brain, when scanned with magnetic resonance imaging, stimulates the effect of auditory hallucinations. At the same time, these parts of the brain are marked by increased activity, including increased blood flow.
People involved in this experiment say the voices seem very real, they speak clearly and in complete sentences. Sometimes the voices would attempt to direct attention with words like: "Over there, look!"
If the theory of third ear activity is correct, we humans are quite amazing. We not only have the ability to perceive necessary information from the collective matrix, we may also possess the means to physically listen to that level of consciousness.
Recently we were negotiating on the purchase of a piece of property in a rural area. We made an offer on the property and were hit with a counter offer. We did what we usually always do while contemplating acceptance of something as heavy as the purchase of property or a car, we slept on it.  That night our son sat up in his bed after a clear resonating voice told him to: "Check the well."
Of all the research we had done on that property, we realized that the well was the one thing we had overlooked. We made a counter offer the next morning, saying we would accept the property at that price based upon a test of the well. The seller declined. The well was obviously flawed.
For us, the voices have been distinct. They have given us important and useful information at the moment of decision. They were voices from the collective consciousness.
The mystery is, what voices were people hearing when they submit to Dierks' laboratory tests? These messages, while clear, were mere babbling and nothing of importance was heard.
And what voices do the schizophrenics hear? Obviously there is an inner sanctum to the human psychic. An unstable, soulless directed mind can lead us on paths through dark catacombs where no man would want to go.