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Mother of The Race

A New Twist To The Old "Good vs. Evil" Story
A common line of thought projected by this column is that everything we think is true is wrong. Reality is an illusion.
Now comes psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue with news that not only emphasis's this line of thought, it slams most people right between the eyes.
According to Aaron, humans on this planet are the genetic creation of one, if not several alien races who planted us on what was once a perfect environment many thousands of years ago. That is not an original thought. Writers like Zacharia Sitchin and David Icke have been saying it for years. The story has been found in ancient Sumarian text and in tales told by aboriginal people throughout the world.
What Donahue adds to the story is that the old Christian nemesis Lucifer is the alien who started it all. He writes on his web site at that: "Lucifer is the true father of the human race."
Not only this, but Donahue believes Lucifer has returned to take a remnant of his family out of harms way as the armies of the world blindly prepare for the nuclear destruction of their planet and themselves.
Donahue said an alien being recently appeared to him. He said he regards this as an important contact with an extraterrestrial life form that may have important significance for the future of the human race.
Donahue believes this "contact" was a living being from the same race that created us through manipulated DNA.
According to world lore, this may not be the first time that Lucifer has returned to save mankind after humans brought themselves to the brink of mass annihilation. The Hopi speak of three previous worlds before they climbed through a hole into the current one. The Bible story of Noah's ark is another account of escape from a vaguely described problem that destroyed all life.
Donahue believes it is time for a remnant of humans to gather and be moved once more to Eden, or an uninhabited world where we are given a chance to start over.
Through the process of remote viewing, Donahue and Maj. Edward Dames have determined that the planet's dying ecology cannot survive the looming nuclear wars that will be caused by world leaders. Without help the human race will be destroyed.
For this reason, Dames and Donahue are working together to renew contact with the extraterrestrial. They believe the technology exists to transport as many as 200,000 humans through time to another version of Eden.
Unfortunately, Donahue says they only see about 144,000 leaving. The rest will be programmed by religious belief systems to fear Lucifer and turn away from his help.
The reason we were created, and that the alien being responsible for our existence may be willing to help get our race restarted again, is difficult to understand. Donahue said he believes we are an experiment in third dimensional existence that keeps failing.
There is evidence that we have had our hands on nuclear weapons in the distant past.
Donahue writes of Lucifer: "This 'alien' being is responsible for the genetic manipulation of early primates thus the fall of man from the earth garden called Eden. Man became unbound of nature and from the four great false religions set fourth by the enemies of Lucifer, man is now terribly lost. The purpose of Lucifer is to impede the path of man to the extent that his bicameral mind is unified."
It is Donahue's belief that the unification of the two halves of our brain, and our eventual capability of using the whole brain rather than only a small fraction of it, would turn us into one of the most powerful and wonderful races of living beings in the universe. The great force we think of as God would perhaps be revealed through us.
Our imperfections, however, seem to be constantly interfering with his great experiment.
That may be because we were created through a genetic cross between our alien progenitors and living animals on the planet.
To develop the intelligent animal, Donahue said three successive generations of males were subjected to genetic manipulation. "The recessive gene is required for this work and the female is never abducted.
"Lilith as the first before Eve was an ape. Eve had been created from the manipulated DNA of Adam as per generations of birth both male and female," Donahue said.
"Genetic manipulation of the male human continued until completed as of the early 1960's and possibly as late as 1970."