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Alaskan HAARP Configuration

A Suggested Defense
Against HAARP

By Peter Kelly
(Guest Columnist)
I have one insight that may be important in the HAARP discussion. The mind control technology part of HAARP works on biological principles. As such it is subject to natural law.
I recently performed an interesting experiment. Let me preface this by saying that by 1976 or thereabouts I had participated in a number of experiments at the Rhine Institute of Parapsychology. What is significant must be based upon surmise.
One experiment was a precognitive test. I was to predict in which ear a sound would be generated 30 seconds prior to its sending. I received the highest negative score they had  measured to that point in their research. All I did was meditate upon Jesus (yes, I know that horrible name to all free-thinkers - nevertheless, follow me for the sake of the discussion.)
Since that time I came into possession of some of Robert C. Beck's research. I also remembered that there were thousands of dollars of electronics in the little white building across from Dukes East campus.
I now believe that what happened in fact was the early stages of mind control experiments, which have since been directed extensively toward the New Age community. Because my mind was buffered I did not respond to suggested mind control frequencies, but shielded against them by centering my mind. (This is important relevant to the recent experiment.)
The Rhine Institute has since been discredited as a hoax perpetuated by graduate students. Think a little further, why would such a project continue for over twenty years with large amounts of funding dollars, if it were just a hoax?
Now to the experiment - I believe Sota Instruments carries the device. I built one from schematics that Beck provided. It is called a "plant growth stimulator" for legal reasons.  The potential for a medical device is based upon real science. The core of the idea is to place two electrodes above the arteries on one's left and right wrist. If done correctly a microampere current alternates through the blood, electrifying it. The amount is less than a TENS unit and completely safe if directions are followed. (I will get to that in a moment, but want to highlight the relevance to HAARP.) The frequencies generated are a square wave frequency between 3-14 Hertz.
These are biologically active frequencies. I noticed with myself, and others, something akin to biofeedback. If a person is right brain dominant, i.e. artistic, they tend to notice the pulse in the left hand more than the right. If they notice a pulse, the device is working. The fact that they notice it in the left hand indicates a predominant use of the right brain since there is the crossover effect.
What I do is then concentrate upon my right hand until it is pulsing with equal strength to that in the left hand. In terms of biology and physics this is simply a perception problem, because as I said if you feel the pulse in one hand, it is alternating through your entire blood stream.
If HAARP generates psychoactive frequencies that cause mood modification or physiological adjustments, it will not affect one whose left and right brain is 'centered'. Thus, the defense is relatively simple and can be developed with practice using a number of meditation techniques.
Most readers may not know about biogenic magnetite or magnetoreceptors in the brain. (Please see the research of Joseph Kirschvink at Caltech. The pdf file is freely available to be downloaded at his website.) One meditation technique, which I tried after my brain was centered, was to visualize energy moving in a double spiral helix along  acupuncture meridians. Since I am basically in good health I did not notice any difference, but used it as an exercise.
Based upon research by Patrick Flanagan, I wanted to add what I believe are actual medical benefits of the plant growth stimulator. (I have some questions about Flanagan.) When electrons enter the bloodstream they act as powerful anti-oxidants to bind free radical H plus ions. This is why Beck suggests drinking plenty of water during the time the current is running through one. The body eliminates toxins.
Electroporation is a potential hazard. The selective membrane on cells works in part on polarization principles. During the time current is running through one, medication - say even coffee or alcohol - increases its effect upon the cells because the dosage regulation mechanism is changed. For this reason, it is important not to have unknown chemicals or large quantities of those chemicals in the body just prior to use of the device.
The other health mechanism is more difficult to define, but I consider it equally valid. I think the Beck device can be used to retune the mind and subsequently the body to natural harmonic frequencies that act as biological clocks to keep the body working correctly. This in itself is probably the greatest danger of HAARP to all life.
Peer reviewed research indicates that biogenic magnetite in organisms enables them to tune into earths natural frequencies, such as the Schumann resonance. Organisms use this as a navigational beacon. Disorientation may occur if earths natural frequencies are altered or misdirected. Further dangers are posed if these same frequencies function as a biological clock to regulate body functions. Only ten research teams are currently looking at this problem. I suggest a mandated quarantine be put on further development of HAARP, until the concerns, I have expressed, are answered by independent bodies of scientists.