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It was Paul who gave the Christian church its prophetic story about the rapture of the saints.
In his first letter to the Thessalonians, Chapter 4, Verses 16-17, Paul wrote: "For the Lord (Jesus) himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first; then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. . ."
As we move into dark times, facing global warfare, global ecological destruction, and extreme weather changes already bringing on world-wide famine and pestilence, many people are predicting the end of the world. The Christian church, for obvious reasons, is leaning heavily on Paul's promise. The Christians desperately want to believe that they have an escape hatch so they can avoid the looming horror they call the apocalypse.
I find it hard to give Paul any credit for being a psychic. I view him as an opportunist who made the magician Christ into a superhuman personality, or deity. He may not have expected his little cult to grow so expeditiously. But the cult was launched at the right moment in history, and eventually gained the support of angels and kings. Thus Christianity grew to be among the four major world religions.
I suspect Paul either had a vision of future events, he was associating with a prophet/psychic in his day that had this vision, or he embellished the ancient stories about god figures who rose from the dead. The Jesus story of resurrection following death, and a promise to return, as outlined in the Four Gospels, was a very old story rewritten to fit a contemporary event in Paul's day. I will write more about this and show my proofs in a later story.
Whoever captured that glimpse of the future in Paul's day saw something going on, but it was not an exodus of Christians. Nor did it involve Buddhists, Moslems or Hindus.
Thanks to the remote viewing skills of Aaron C. Donahue, we now have a picture of a future event that, indeed, involves a "lifting" of thousands of people. But they are going into a ship, not the clouds.
On Donahue's web site at, he reports an examination of something very unusual that he titles "Project Eden."
His drawings, made during an advanced stage of remote viewing, show two planets that are both representations of Earth. Between the planets, deep in space, is some kind of cone-shaped ship, or machine that Donahue indicates is spinning.
In his commentary, Donahue reveals that Eden is the Planet Earth, but in another period of time. It is the Earth in its original state before it was defiled by human exploitation of the planet's resources and rape of its environment.
Donahue's amazing drawing shows what appears to be a time machine, spinning in space, between both the present and the original Earth. This machine carries a select number of humans from the present, dying world, back into the past. It seems that a remnant of our race may, if such a machine can be built in time, have a chance to go back to the garden and start everything all over again.
He said such a machine will be privately financed and available for only a select number.
This, then, will be the "new heaven and new Earth" seen by John and written about in the Book of the Revelation. The human remnant will return to an Earth that is, indeed, new and untouched.
How many people will make this journey? Aaron says he thinks the "ship" or time machine will have the capacity to carry about 200,000 people, although he sees empty spaces. He thinks about 140,000 actually make the trip back into time. This, Donahue says, is enough to give the human race enough genetic diversity to survive.
Donahue's number of 140,000 is interesting. Remember that the Book of the Revelation talks about a special group of people, the 144,000, who will play a special role on Earth during the Great Tribulation.
In Revelation 7, verses one through four, John writes about four angels standing "on the four corners of the Earth, holding the four winds of the Earth, that the wind should not blow . . . " The angels are holding back the fury until this group of survivors, the 144,000, are "sealed!"
The story then goes on to identify the 144,000 as representatives of the 12 Tribes if Israel. But then, this is a story written by a Hebrew for the people of Israel, who believe they are God's chosen. This is another angelic lie.
Donahue says the people selected for this exodus will be a diversified group, and probably not excluded to any one race. While open to all, many will be people who have managed to turn on the right hemisphere of their brains, and raise their natural resonating energy. They are an elite number of people who are mentally and physically prepared to launch a new beginning when given the chance.
There are empty places because most humans will be so caught up in old religious belief systems they will fear this final chance to escape.
This time, Donahue says he expects the humans to succeed. A major factor in achieving success will be the human ability to maintain a higher resonating energy, and leave the body to enter sub-space at will. The energy levels will prevent the alien intervention that brought the humans down this time. Our high frequency energy waves repel the so-called "angels" and those of us who can leave our bodies, will see aliens when they are around us.
We will not be fooled by false religious dogma, created by angels whispering in our ears, after we enter the new Eden. The humans will, for the first time, understand that God lives in each person. It is not an external force that demands our worship, but rather an internal power that can be brought out through meditation and self-discipline.
In his remote viewing session, Aaron sees the exodus as an event that "produces a bright white light that may be seen throughout Europe, China, Russia and the Middle East. Animals are seen running and humans are seen looking skyward" while in the midst of battle.
That the scriptures indicate there will be noise (a shout and trumpet) and a bright light when Jesus appears in the clouds also is linked to the machine as it moves from the present into the distant past. Not only will there be a brilliant flash, but I suspect the ship will not go quietly.
Everyone on the planet will, at this moment, know the truth . . . that they, not the "unsaved sinners" are the forsaken ones.