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Are Holograms
An Alien Defense Mechanism?

By Joseph Nameth
After reading my story proposing that many of the world's anomalies are being caused by a three-dimensional holographic device, our friend Joseph Nameth responded with the following thoughts:
This could be the main purpose of such a phenomenon.
The operators of this "technology" see that humanity is sick unto death.  Images, originally created in the perverted psyche of humanity, are "re-created" as three-dimensional assemblages, and inserted into the realm of humans. This is done to demonstrate to the human the magnitude of his insanity, as well as the impact and power that our thoughts have. Also, to demonstrate that for all intents and purposes, (our) thoughts are ALIVE.
Paradoxically, this is actually a "dumbed-down" way of confronting humanity with the products of its own insanity . . . an attempt to awaken humans to the result of their suicidal proclivities. 
What is meant by dumbed-down? It is likely that these fantastic "beings" in the form of hyper-holographic projections, are akin to a puppet show for children, who are being taught a lesson. The moral of this story is that if we are reckless with our mental faculties and actions, choosing phantasmagorical horrors and butchery over thoughts of beauty and deeds of greatness, then we should not be surprised if our own mental creations come to life and swallow us up and spit us out! 
It is actually a very direct and elegant way of shoving humanity's infantile obsessions back into its face saying: "See what you have done . . . you have created the very things you dread and fear the most, becoming the very monsters you would seek to destroy!!!"  It is a classic presentation of the medium itself being the message.
Furthermore, it is likely a test to discover if humans will choose fear, and run away shrieking into the night of infantile self indulgence . . . or, will a few inquisitive souls be persistent enough to discover "the puppet master" behind the curtain, pushing buttons and pulling strings? And in doing so, have the presence of mind to simply smile in amusement?
The consequences of aberrant thought patterns and actions by humans bring up a seldom if ever discussed topic; that of harm done to extra dimensional beings by the thoughts of humans.
A cattle mutilation case happens . . . residents puzzled, horrified and possibly afraid. Could it be that human horrors of war, murder, rape, animal slaughter . . . as well as phantasmagorical abominations conjured up by high powered movie producers, horror writers and the media, (then put into the psyche of millions) has breached the realm of human consciousness and is causing great harm to beings in other dimensions also?  The mutilations show we are "butchers." What horrors are our thoughts impinging upon the worlds of others?
Also, it is likely that the vibrational energies associated with human fear is very painful,  toxic or dangerous for certain beings. Possibly as pathogens are to us. Or, depending upon the intensity of one's fear, it could be "felt" by them as would we a horribly loud noise, or worse, like drowning or being electrocuted! This deserves more consideration.
Also, it is possible that apparently malevolent beings or energies are simply defending themselves against the relentless onslaught of human mental chaos and fears, which manifest in their realm as tangible threats or dangers.
Anyhow, the point of all this is that consciousness creates, and we'd better use it or lose it . . . if we haven't lost it already.