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Explorations Into The
Collective Consciousness

By James Donahue
For years I have written about something called a collective consciousness . . . a common thread of knowledge that seems to be pooled in a brain library that all humans can access through right brain functioning.
It is the glue that the shaman refers to when he declares that "we are all one." What he means is that all people are linked to a common energy system . . . some call it God . . . from which we originated.
Unfortunately, the collective consciousness, which I believe contains every thought produced by human minds not only in the present, but also in the past and future, is rarely visited. That is because most people don't know it exists. Even if they do know, or even suspect its existence, nearly everyone in contemporary society lacks the mental capability to visit on demand.
(Ironically, many of the "primitive" aboriginal tribal people still living close to the earth have still maintained this ancient capability.)
The only times we make contact seems to be when people have that "certain feeling" or "hunch" about events, crimes, lottery numbers or looming disasters and act on it. It is said that Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his death just before he was fatally shot in the Ford Theater. Psychic Jean Dixon became famous after she warned of the pending death of President John F. Kennedy, even though her public warnings were disregarded.
Other so-called psychics, or sensitives, have accurately predicted earthquakes, airplane crashes and disasters at sea. There is a story about the mother of two sailors on the Great Lakes who telegraphed her sons to warn them to stay in port just prior to the Great Storm of 1913. She said she had a dream. The warning was heeded by one of the sons, who left his boat before it sailed. The brother was lost when his boat, the Canadian freighter Wixon, sank with all hands while the storm ravaged Lake Huron.
We know that psychics like Edgar Casey, Nostradamus, and Daniel (of the Old Testament) made many accurate predictions about future events. How did they do it?
Why can church groups collectively pray for healing and see results?
A few years ago, when Texas and Florida were experiencing extreme draughts and fires were burning unabated across Florida, Art Bell asked listeners on his all night radio talk show to think about rain for Florida. He said it was going to be an experiment in the power of the mind. The next day Florida got rain.  Bell was so amazed by the result, he tried the experiment again for Texas. And sure enough, it rained in Texas. Bell's radio show is broadcast throughout the United States and probably has one of the largest listening audiences of any radio talk show in the world.
While these incidents occur frequently enough that the stories are familiar, there never has been enough of a consistency about psychic functioning for most scientists to take it seriously.
This may be changing, however.
Since 1988 a small research team involved in something called the Global Consciousness Project, has had 37 computers set up around the world to analyze certain unexplained numerical data during times of major events.
The team noticed certain oddities in what it calls a "random toss of the coin" during world shocking events like the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk and the tragic death of Princess Diana. But they said the numbers "skewed in one direction" for several hours during the September 11 attacks.
Dean Radin, a researcher involved in the project, said the data is still being analyzed. In an interview with USA Today he said "We're not dealing with something as simple as thoughts affecting the system. But there is a correlation and it's not clear how it comes about."
When Dr. John S. Bell discovered mathematically through quantum mechanics that "any two particles once in contact will continue to influence each other, no matter how far apart they may subsequently move," no one thought to apply this concept to human thought processes.
Bell's Theorem implies that events throughout the universe influence each other through instantaneous communication.
The Global Consciousness Project is among the first scientific attempts to understand the phenomenon of human "psychic" functioning.
The United States military used psychics to develop a rudimentary form of technical remote viewing during the Cold War years but claims to have abandoned the project before it proved itself. Maj. Edward Dames, who was involved in the military project, continued with the work after leaving the Army. Dames recently called together a team of some of the best remote viewers in the world. Some of the remote viewers at TRV Institute and Matrix Intelligence Agency claim 100 percent accuracy when looking at any given target.
Remote viewers don't rely on psychic functioning to tap into the collective library. Instead, they use a technique invented by Ingo Swann, a real contemporary psychic. The work, which is extremely taxing, involves keeping the left hemisphere of the brain so busy with repetitive work it briefly shuts down. The effect lasts long enough to allow the right side of the brain to snatch the information sought from the collective.
The process also has been called right brain functioning.
I don't write about these things without some personal knowledge. Our son, Aaron C. Donahue, who once trained in remote viewing, also is a natural psychic. Because of his ability to use remote viewing to control his psychic abilities, Aaron has become what some might call "a super psychic." Aaron assures me that his new form of remote viewing is accurate enough that, at least for him, there are no longer any secrets.
That remote viewers can see future events indicates to me that this information also exists in the collective library. The viewers can look into the past. This means it is possible that someday, the real history of the world can be recorded. I suspect it will be very different than what we think is true.