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World Weirdness
Is Running Unabated

It was bad enough when we had to deal with bigfoot, UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles and cattle mutilations. Now we are having strange noises emanating from the Earth, red rain, goat suckers, sightings of other new creatures that are half-man and half animal, and quite recently, unexplained energy attacks including a severe proton solar storm that did not seem to come from the sun.

It is almost as if the forces looking down over us are playing games, breaking all the rules in an effort to teach we foolish and prudish humans that nothing is what it seems to be. This existence may be no more than a complex holographic set of images much like those portrayed in the Hollywood film "The Matrix." Could it be that we are living a universal joke?

Consider the monkey man and bear man sightings in various communities of India. The monkey man was first sighted in New Delhi, where at least 50 people reported attacks by a creature described as about four-feet tall with a hairy body and metal claws. Villagers in the town of Assam say the bear man appears, then makes itself invisible before attacking its victims.

Then there is a winged chupacabra (goat sucker) witnessed by various drivers in the area of Calama, Chile. One family said they were driving in their car along Cuesta de Montecristo, heading toward Calama, when the creature appeared alongside the vehicle. The driver was frightened by the thing and drove at speeds of about 120 km, yet the beast flew right beside them. It was described as a thing about two meters tall, with strong legs like those of an ostrich, wings and an animal-like head. Truckers in the area are reporting similar sightings.

Windsor Castle, London, is now under attack by a giant new species of spider described as three inches long, venomous, with jaws strong enough to puncture human skin.

In Barceloneta, Spain, a giant unknown species of bird has been swooping down on farm yards and devouring chickens. A story in the town's El Expresso newspaper said the bird, witnessed by the reporter who produced the story, measures about 30 inches in length and stands about a foot high. It has a long thick neck and its beak measures about four inches in length. Its plumage is gray, black and white. It has legs similar to a cat, feet like a chicken and it seems to feed on blood.

These are just some of the strange creatures wandering around among us these days. Psychic Aaron C. Donahue has examined both big foot and the chupacabra. He finds them to be some kind of holographic projection that is so advanced, the beasts observed are solid and quite dangerous. The creatures, even though a projection, appear capable of hurting anyone who happens to get in their path. Are they projections from alien craft?

Strange earth sounds are yet another unanswered puzzle.

For years people in Taos, New Mexico, complained about a mystery hum that drove them crazy. Some people report getting sick. Now the same kind of hum has cropped up in Kokomo, Indiana, where dozens of people say it is affecting their health. The sound seems to be low-frequency vibrations from an unexplained source.

A similar hum, or buzz, is keeping people awake in Karlsruhe, Germany. People complain of racing pulse and fatigue, a sense of excitation and uncontrollable muscle quivering in the night, which causes insomnia.

I might interject at this point that I have been experiencing the very same kind of symptoms for several years, and they seem to be intensifying. But the nocturnal affliction follows me everywhere I have lived, from various towns in Michigan to Arizona and back. The sensation is especially intense just now, in the midst of hurricane season. It usually starts late in the afternoon and sometimes ends by about midnight. Lately, however, it continues throughout the night. I have reached the conclusion that it may be caused by our government HAARP project, which I think is being used to try to control the weather and take the bite out of hurricanes.

But can we blame HAARP on the loud rumblings going on in Spokane, Washington this summer? The people's nerves there are being shattered by loud explosive sounds, like dynamite going off. Seismologists are studied the noise and conclude that the sounds are caused by earthquake activity, yet the people say the ground does not seem to shake.

Then there was the strange fall this summer of a mysterious red rain, followed by millions of strange black insects in the State of Kerala, in Southern India. At the same time, many residents reported their water wells collapsed. What went on there?

In Wichita, Kansas, people said it rained dried corn leaves from a cloudless sky on Aug. 11. People who saw it said the leaves dropped gently from a large oval pattern over a large neighborhood.

In French Gulch, California, people were perplexed last month over a strange fluorescent green substance that appeared in Clear Creek, spoiling the opening weekend of trout fishing and threatening the town's water supply. Nobody could explain what the substance was or where it came from.

And what is causing the various energy blasts that may be threatening our health?

One morning in July, an unexplained energy blast knocked radio station WJKM off the air in Hartsville, Tennessee. The blast, which hit with several loud booms, burned out electric transformers, burned up telephone lines, and knocked birds right out of the sky. The weather was clear at the time.

And on Aug. 16 the Earth was struck by an unexpected and unexplained proton storm that caused the planet's proton count to raise to about 1000 times normal. Such storms are believed to be caused by exploding sun spots but scientists tell us that there were no sun spots on the sun that week. People who watch this kind of thing could not explain the proton storm, and said they also were surprised by the speed with which it reached Earth. There was no advance warning.

Whatever, or whoever is causing these phenomenon does not appear to be a mere prankster. If it continues, some innocent people could be seriously hurt or killed.