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Aaron C. Donahue

Aaron C. Donahue Looks
Inside a UFO!!!

Psychic Remote Viewer Aaron C. Donahue this week has posted some shocking new data from various new explorations on his web site at, including a glimpse inside a UFO.

He used his skill as a remote viewer to look inside the UFO after he said the large, U-shaped craft hovered directly over him early in the morning. What he saw was an alien looking directly back at him.

In a brief analysis, which appears with his drawing, 
Donahue said details of the interior of the craft were difficult to make out because of a brilliant orange light that nearly blinded him. What was visible to him was a strange, multi-shaped black object in front of the alien figure that was in constant motion. Donahue said he could not explain what he was looking at because he has never seen anything like it before.

His drawing shows an object with various sharp points, protruding in various directions.

Also visible in the drawing is a light in the upper right corner. This is the type of drawing that often depicts a lift form in Aaron's TRV data. It usually always is the way Aaron views himself when he looks at things.

Among the other interesting new information added to Aaron's web site this week are:

--A look at something he calls a
"Solar Diety," or a life force that exists within the sun. It shows three points of a triangle in the center of the sun. There are two massive energy flares reaching out from the surface of the sun, with the largest one touching the Earth, which appears at the bottom of the drawing. Aaron does not include an analysis with this picture, but if you print the picture, you can read his notes on the page. The sensations he captured during the session were chilling. The drawing implies, at least to this writer, that the sun is a living force that is attacking a mob of parasites involved in the destruction of the Mother Earth.

--A glance at a time travel 
device, which apparently is being developed at some secret laboratory at this very moment. If this is correct, then the world as we know it is about to be altered soon. What is frightening about this kind of technology, is that once it is achieved, we will never know when things are changed. Tinkering with time is the same as tinkering with the past, present and future. Everything that we knew yesterday could be erased and replaced with new memories today. And we might never suspect the change.

--A look at something Aaron calls a
Xenotransdimensional beacon. He does not explain this device. The name, to me, implies that someone, somewhere is tampering with a device that will tear down the veil that prevents us from seeing or traveling from our own third-dimensional existence into fourth, fifth, sixth dimensions and on up. Because UFOs seem to freely come and go, we have long suspected that parallel universes exist. If such a device can be successfully developed, we, like the aliens, may someday travel freely to their worlds as they do ours.

--Finally, Aaron warns that he will soon have TRV data showing the results of
World War III, which will involve a war between the United States and China. He said he sees the United States losing this war.