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Suppose All Truths Were
Nothing More Than Lies

Back in my college days, I got my hands on a book by
Vance Packard titled "The Hidden Persuaders." Packard wrote about the ability of skilled advertisers to use subliminal messages to influence the masses to buy certain products.

While Packard's exploration of mass
mind control was narrow in its scope, his book helped me understand how easy it is to dupe large numbers of people, even entire nations, into believing anything you want them to believe. Adolf Hitler was a master at this. Numerous other world leaders have successfully tricked their people into accepting lies as truth. Nimrod, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Stalin and Bill Clinton all come to mind as being experts at deception.

When we are at war, think of how our government's propaganda machine goes to work on the way we perceive the enemy. Recently the Serbs were characterized as mass killers who murdered thousands of innocent Kosovo men, women and children. Our media was comparing them to Hitler and the Nazi regime that reportedly became a Jewish killing machine during World War II. While this was what we were being told, the truth may be something very different.

I am old enough to remember the hatred generated for the Japanese after they bombed
Pearl Harbor and set off our involvement in World War II. They were characterized in posters, editorial cartoons and Saturday afternoon matinee shorts as cross-eyed, buck-toothed goofs led by a terrible person named Hirohito. We over-reacted to the propaganda. Our authorities actually rounded up all Japanese Americans and forced them to live in U. S. concentration camps.

The Germans were characterized as evil, goose-stepping terrorists who were mechanically following a madman with a little square bush moustache and a slash of hair drawn over the right side of his forehead named Hitler. To this day, that type of moustache is rarely seen. Today, however, our perspective of the Japanese, and the Germans, is much different than it was in 1942.

My point is that people can be controlled through skilled conditioning, and made to believe almost anything. My reaction to all of this is that I have difficulty accepting most of the information I am given. Usually if you hear both sides of a disagreement, and then look somewhere in the middle, you get close to the truth.

One of my favorite contemporary authors is
Robert Anton Wilson. In his book "The Cosmic Trigger," Wilson describes something he calls "tunnel reality," or the way most people perceive the world around them. He said we look with one eye down a dark tube (think of a cardboard toilet paper roll) and accept only that part of the world visible to us at the other end. Most people reject the idea of expanding the vision at the other end of this tube by opening the other eye.

Why do we do this? Wilson believes that there are two primary reasons: (1.) we are molded from childhood by parents, the church and our schools to accept a cultural belief system approved by the tribe, and (2.) we are conditioned to be fearful of looking beyond the comfortable little world we are taught to accept as our reality.

Unfortunately, we live in a fear-based culture. We are afraid of death. We are afraid that if we violate the rules established by the church, we will be condemned to spend an eternity in hell. We are afraid of not having money and will do anything, even lie, cheat and steal to get it. We are fearful of pain and suffering so we cling to a terrible job that provides health insurance rather than break from the pack. We are afraid to take a chance, to quit that boring routine that provides a regular pay check and security. Consequently, few of us ever get a chance to follow our bliss.

Most people are conditioned from the moment they enter this world to be slaves to the few who run it. All people who work those dull jobs for meager wages, and are satisfied with going home at night and consuming a six-pack while letting their minds be further dulled by television athletic events, are no more than servants of the taskmasters. They have no original thought. They are so conditioned they would never consider changing their situation.

The few who dare to break from this mold, to open the other eye and look beyond the dark tunnel, enter a brave new world that leads to fantastic freedom. These are the people who sometimes become the kings; the ones who are masters of the sea of blinded slaves. They also become the persecuted ones, targeted by the pack for daring to be different. 

Some examples of such contemporary persecutions come to mind. I think of
Jack Kevorkian, Timothy Leary and Charles Manson, to name a few. Jessie Ventura is the only one of the four who is not in prison, but he recently made himself a target when he dared to publicly proclaim the church "a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers." It took guts to say something like that.

I also believe that the troubled human condition goes beyond what I have said so far. We are not simply three-dimensional beings. There is a fourth dimension to our existence; a spiritual realm from which we came and to which we still are closely linked. But our ties there are pushed down into the subconscious part of our existence. Most people never think about it at all. But it is real, and it has a profound affect on everything that happens to us. It especially affects the way we think.

As I have written before, I know there exists a spiritual conspiracy, supported by angels and other aliens in sub-space who play with our minds and keep us restrained.

Why would they do this? Because sub-space beings are afraid of what we might become if the human race ever wakes up to discover its real potential. The angels, through skilled mind control, have succeeded in being our masters for thousands of years. They never were our friends. They are aliens who don't belong in our world.

We have been fooled for thousands of years by various religions that would have us looking outside of ourselves for a grandfatherly god in the sky who looks down over his creation, and manipulates our lives. This is a lie. The truth is that God lives within us. Anyone who has a soul possesses a spark; a piece of the light that collectively is God.

Scientists know that we humans only use a small fraction of our bicameral brain when we go about our daily routines. Few humans, even Einstein, Plato, Aristotle and other great thinkers, have gone much higher. So why were we given such large brains if we don't use them?  Indeed, that question has baffled us for a long time. Is it possible that we have been blocked from evolving to a state of godhood that is supposed to be our destiny?

Suppose, just for the sake of argument, that everything we think is true about good and evil is a lie. What if there is no heaven or hell, no good or bad, no light or dark. What if, as I have suggested in past writings and based upon personal out-of-body visits with sub-space, death is actually a passing from this physical earthly body to a spiritual realm and that there is no end to our existence?

If this were true, then everything we believe today is a lie. By accepting the fear-based theology of the religion we believe we must follow, we may have managed to enslave ourselves in a way no human despot could ever have imagined.