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Talking to Aliens and Animals

By James Donahue
Personal experiments with techniques developed by the late Robert Monroe for leaving the body and meeting life forms in parallel dimensions taught me something important about the way all living creatures (except most humans) talk to one another. It appears that most life forms, including the animals on this planet, communicate telepathically with mental images. There are no words spoken in the astral because in that realm, there appears to be no sound.

Humans can do this. We have just forgotten. Most married couples communicate mentally every day without realizing it. People with dogs, cats or birds they are extremely fond of and spend a lot of time with. . . communicate with the animals very effectively by projecting and receiving mind pictures. I once owned a small dog who communicated with me so clearly, we were good friends. Dogs are not complex thinkers. Once I understood the formula, it was easy to understand him.
A few years ago my wife Doris and I lived in an apartment surrounded by beautiful Ponderosa pine trees on the outskirts of Show Low, Arizona. Just out our back door was the edge of the multi-thousand-acre Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest. The forest was filled with wonderful hiking trails. It also teemed with wildlife, including bears and mountain lions. (We rarely saw these dangerous critters, although I am certain they watched us as we hiked through their neighborhood.)

During our first winter we had a quantity of nuts accumulated during the holidays, and began tossing them to the squirrels that frolicked in the nearby trees. It was not long before the squirrels were coming to our door, asking for their daily treat. At about the same time, some of the birds in the neighborhood discovered the free lunch and began stealing nuts from the squirrels. Before long, we were stocking our weekly larders with both nuts and bird feed.

At that time I was learning about
telepathic communications in the fourth dimension and decided to experiment with these animals. I recall one day when I stepped out on the porch with a pocket full of peanuts. There wasn't a bird or squirrel in sight. I stood there quietly, envisioning a peanut and sending the signal out into the air. Within moments a jay was perched on the metal railing just a few feet away from me. It acted as if it had received my call and came for the nut.

Another time I was sitting on one of the lawn chairs we kept on that porch, my pockets again full of nuts, waiting for visitors. Three lovely woodpeckers suddenly appeared. I began throwing nuts out on the edge of the porch. These birds were not as aggressive as the jays and squirrels. At first I had to throw the nuts quite far out before they would take them.

Each time I threw a nut, however, I tossed it a little closer to my chair. The birds watched me warily, chirped at me, and finally, when the temptation was too great, one dove in, grabbed the nut and flew off. Then the brave bird ate his prize safely in a nearby tree.

Finally I dropped a nut about four feet from my foot. That was too close. The birds stood on the rail and watched me. Sometimes they would fly toward the nut, but at the last second turn away and return to the railing. I sat quietly watching them. They watched me. Suddenly I heard a loud thumping noise on the building at my extreme left. I turned my head for a second and found one of the woodpeckers clinging to the side of the wooden structure, pecking loudly at the wall. When I looked back to where I had thrown the nut, it was gone. The birds worked as a team to divert my eyes for a brief moment so they could steal that nut!

The behavior of the squirrels, however, got a little too far out of hand. Once accustomed to their free daily lunch, and knowing we had no intention of harming them, we often found squirrels clinging to the screen on our door. One animal actually became so excited it entered the apartment before it realized where it was and dashed out again. One day I was in the yard, talking to a neighbor, when a squirrel ran right up to my feet and stood on its hind haunches, asking for a nut. Its behavior amazed the man I was with. Unfortunately, I had no nuts in my pocket that day. After that I began carrying them wherever I went.

My wife and I have had similar communications with the intelligent life forms that swirl around us in the fourth dimension. I recall one vivid experience, after first learning to leave my body, when I met a light form that seemed to have no shape. At the time I was using a special tape produced by the Monroe Institute to get out of my body and enter the astral. It was interesting to note that this living creature attempted to shape itself into the human form when it approached me. It apparently was a difficult thing for it to do, and the best it could accomplish was something akin to a baked gingerbread man cookie.

I communicated a mental picture of friendship and good will. The picture that was returned was disturbing at first. I saw smoke and fire, then burned-out rubble. I realized that it was warning me about our future, and perhaps expressing extreme criticism about the human race, and what we are doing to this planet. I had to agree. The gingerbread man apparently decided I was friendly, and led me on a flight through space. We romped and tumbled together, enjoying each other's company, until the Monroe tape I was listening to suddenly came to an end. I was snapped back into my body. After that, I never saw the gingerbread man again.

At another time I left my body, I came face to face with two "grays," the classic aliens pictured in all of the books and magazines. One was taller than the other. They were just standing in the room, staring at me. It was a shock to see them there and I did not have time to express a greeting. The moment they realized I was in their dimension and could see them, they vanished.

I have the distinct feeling that the aliens are watching, but they are afraid of us. And I believe there is good reason for this fear. We who exist as humans in the third dimension have powers that surpass anything they know. Since we have the breath of god within us, we also seem to have the power of killing an alien with mere thought. Not that I would ever want to attack a gray. They are a dying race and it is not their purpose to harm us. That is another story.

My point to all of this is that humans have the capability of communicating with aliens, animals and each other through right brain functioning. Brain specialists who think the right hemisphere of the brain is not needed are fools. The right half of the brain is the part that kicks in for creative thought, art, music and discovery. It also is the part of the brain that controls the "third eye," also called our sixth sense, or psychic abilities. Through right brain functioning, we also should be able to talk to one another without making a sound from our vocal chords.

Some people now theorize that babies are born with the ability to communicate by pictures, although because the brain is still developing, the signals are relatively simple. They might be compared to the messages we receive from the pet dog or parakeet. They involve food, pain and a desire for comfort. As children grow, instead of training them to develop their natural telepathic skills, we force them to use their vocal chords. It is always an exciting day when baby says his first word. Can it be that we are on the wrong track?

As the parent of unique children who all are skilled in right brain functioning, I know a little secret about child communication. When the child is naturally telepathic, and moving toward right brain activity, the child usually is (a.) unusually late in developing language skills, and (b.) considered a poor student in school. It happened to our children. They were all considered poor students and placed among the slower learners, even though all test at genius levels in intelligence. Einstein was a late bloomer when it came to talking, and he was not considered a good student. Some even thought he was retarded. He flunked mathematics classes. After his death, an autopsy of Einstein's brain showed that the right hemisphere was larger and more developed than the left hemisphere.

We are not all born to be geniuses. But we all have brains with two hemispheres, and few of us ever manage to open and use that right side of our brain. In fact few people ever use more than a very small percent of their left brain capacity.

If we could all learn how to turn on our brains, develop ourselves to the fullest, and learn to communicate telepathically, think what a different world this would be. For one thing, there would be no secrets. We would all know one another's thoughts. Consequently, we would be forced to be honest with one another. And wouldn't that be interesting?