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Magnetic Pull Of Uranus Blamed For Freak Earth Events


By James Donahue

April 2005


A story in Europe’s popular newspaper Bild quotes various “experts” including NASA scientists and noted astrologers as saying the magnetic pull of the planet Uranus may be causing the devastating Asian sea quakes and volcanic activity along the Earth’s equator.


The theory is that Uranus with its 11 rings and 18 moons, has drifted closer to the Earth than it has been in recorded history, from 3.14 billion to 2.69 billion kilometers. This, they say, could be causing the mystery-shrouded “planet of calamity” to use its own magnetic field to act like a giant cosmic vacuum cleaner, sucking the Earth’s tectonic plates out of their beddings.


The most activity is being felt near the equator since the tropics “are marginally closer to Uranus than the poles,” the story said.


These magnetic forces are strong enough at the equator to “suck up electrically charged dust particles” and that disturbs the Earth’s crust and spawns killer sea quakes and tidal waves.


Indeed, there has been a lot of unusual activity going on in the South China Sea ever since the super quake and killer tsunami swept the area on December 26, 2004. The area has been jarred by a constant series of major earth quakes and now, the local volcanoes are waking up.


Indonesia has placed 79 of its 129 known volcanoes on close watch because of heightened volcanic and earthquake activity sweeping the island nation. Indonesia lies right over the notorious Pacific “Ring of Fire” fault line that stretches from Japan through Southeast Asia and across the Pacific Basin and along the west coast of the United States.


Last week tens of thousands of residents fled in panic from the slopes of Mount Talang, Solox Regency, West Sumatra, when the volcano spewed hot ash 10 meters into the air and dropped the white powdery stuff over five villages.


Two volcanoes came back to live in West Java and Anak Krakatau, the so-called “child” of the legendary super volcano Krakatoa, also began rumbling. Krakatoa, one of the largest volcanoes ever known to have erupted, killed tens of thousands of people and darkened the sky around the world when it blew in 1883.


In the mid-Atlantic, a freak 70-foot high wave last week caused the thousand-foot-long Norwegian Dawn, a luxury cruise liner, to tilt wildly on its side, throwing passengers and furnishing through the air, during a trip from New York to the Bahamas. The vessel was caught in the midst of a storm at the time. Crew members said they had never seen a wave like that.


So is all this freaky stuff being caused by Uranius, or is the Earth itself reacting to a mantra launched by psychic Aaron C. Donahue last winter, asking the planet to shake off some of the 6.3 billion humans now strangling the planet to its own premature death?


Whatever may be going on, this all seems to support Donahue’s claim that the planets are all living sentient beings, and part of a vast universal communication system. If Uranus is causing the chaotic events on Earth, it means the solar system is working in unison to start events that will perhaps save this planet from the foolishness of humans that take no regard for it on their own.


And if Uranus is the culprit, this business is not going to end very soon. Astronomers say the plants will remain in close alignment through the year 2012, so many more Uranian catastrophes may lie in store for all of us through the next decade.


Odd that 2012 is the year when Uranius goes back to its regular place in orbit. That is the very year when the fabled Mayan calendar marks an end to time as we know it.