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Strange Case Of A Man With No Brain


By James Donahue

April 2005


An odd twist of research into the human brain was sparked some years ago at the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK, after a campus doctor treating a student for a minor ailment discovered that he had no brain.


As the story goes, the doctor noticed the student’s head was a little larger than normal, and he referred the man to the late Professor John Lorber for further examination. When examined by CAT-scan, it was discovered that this man, a mathematics student with an IQ of 126, had virtually no brain at all.


Instead of two hemispheres filling the cranial cavity, some 4.5 centimeters deep, this student had less than one millimeter of cerebral tissue covering the top of his spinal column. His head was expanded because the student was suffering from hydrocephalus. That means the cerebrospinal fluid, instead of circulating around the brain and entering the bloodstream, becomes dammed up inside the skull.


Doctors say this condition is usually fatal during the first months of childhood, and if the individual survives, he or she is usually seriously handicapped. What was strange about this case was that the man was living a perfectly normal life and went on to gain an honors degree in mathematics.


The discovery led Professor Lorber to a study of the brain in which he projected the question, do humans need their brains at all? A better question might have been, do humans use any of their brains, and if they did, what more could they achieve in the course of their lives?


It apparently did not occur to either Lorber or other professors of the universities’ neurology department to ask this important second question.


This, of course, leads us directly to a thesis on the part of psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue that the human race has been misdirected for thousands of years into not bothering to evolve intellectually and spiritually because of angelic intervention and the development of false religious belief systems.


The worst of these religious villains has been Christianity, where followers live totally on “faith” in a magical invisible external god and the angels that surround them to guide them blindly through life and when their existence ends, to carry them off to a beautiful kingdom called Heaven. This belief system has made humans lazy and unwilling to work to develop both spiritual and mental capabilities, Donahue argues.


Not only this, but the Christian agenda contains a threat that failure to submit to the spirit of the Jesus figure, which is really angelic possession in disguise, is a sin that condemns the individual to eternal damnation in a place called Hell. This clinker in the religious system creates a fear-based life style that paralyzes humans into being totally unwilling to listen to any arguments contrary to what they believe.


It should be no surprise, then, that a man with no brain at all can fit perfectly well into the social structure created around us. It suggests that in spite of the fact that humans are created with these magnificent bicameral brains, few of us ever learn to use them. We are thus living with a fantastic tool in our skull that remains turned off and shut down throughout our wasted lives.


When an occasional “genius” emerges from our midst, showing IQs of 140 to 160, we regard this as a rare occurrence. A few of these “genius” types like the late Albert Einstein or Harvard professor Stephen Hawking make such a name for themselves they are honored for their achievements.


Unfortunately, society tends to make it difficult for smarter people to rise above the masses. Students in public schools, for example, ridicule and degrade the so-called “nerds” that show mental aptitude above that of their peers. This often forces these brighter children to submit to the demands of the society in which they exist, all for the sake of belonging and being accepted.


Then there are mental giants like Aaron C. Donahue, who has been striving for years to develop the full potential of his brain. Donahue has battled hard to overcome attempts by society to pull him down and make him conform. Everything he has achieved has been accomplished by his own mental skill.


Donahue, who has acquired skills as a psychic, a telepath and an advanced stage remote viewer, has discovered he has the ability to project his mind into the future and the past. He can leave his body at will and travel anywhere while a part of his mind still remains in the body and holds conversations with the people around him.


A wonderful example of Donahue’s ability was revealed during a recent Internet radio broadcast in which he was working with a moderator located several thousands miles away. When static was heard, the moderator warned on the air that a severe electrical storm was approaching and that he worried it might bring interruptions in the show. Donahue said he was out of his body, in the heart of this storm as he spoke. He told the moderator not to be concerned, that there was a hole in the clouds and that it would not be a problem. He said he had the ability to control the weather around him with his mind.


Within minutes, the moderator of the show announced that the sun was shining and all threat of the lightning storm was ended.


What would our society be like if we all could achieve the mental capabilities enjoyed by Donahue? Until we are willing to shuck these enslaving religious systems and drive the alien angelic energies off this planet, we will never find out.