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Jennifer L. Sharpe

Unveiling The Eleven Queens Of Lucifer


By James Donahue

March 2005


Visitors to Aaron C. Donahue’s website ( may have wondered in recent weeks about a link to a page titled “The Eleven Earthly Queens of Lucifer,” which contains to date the pictures of four women.


What does this mean?


Until Aaron’s radio show on Sunday, March 27, this was a mystery. Aaron’s sister, Jennifer Sharpe, who also assists as an advanced remote viewer, appeared with Aaron to talk about the queens. Those who have seen the pictures can identify one at the top of the page. It is a picture of Jennifer.


Together they explained what the Earthly Queens of Lucifer are all about.


Jennifer said she felt both humbled and the weight of responsibility to be named among the chosen eleven women on the list. To date, only four are named out of about 130 world applicants for this vital position


Donahue said the Eleven Queens will be a special unit of women who will work as an “inner circle” or “core” within the Luciferian Order. It will be their job to serve as a primary information center, or think tank for psychics. As the core of the circle, the women “are a way for us to communicate with our progenitor,” he said.


The women serve as a sanctuary for all to come. As women they are nurturing, they serve as advisors, but they are not sexual objects. Yet all who enter the order will have a biological drive to be drawn to their mystery “like a moth to the flame,” because they appear as maternal, yet their role is that of leadership and comforter. “They represent the mother who bore all of us. In her we will find comfort and nurturing,” Donahue said.


He said there is a sexual energy within this circle of young and fertile women, “but it is not a perversion. It is an information system” that will be vital to the order.


Donahue explained that the other world religious systems have known about this sexual energy, but it has been a paternal system where men have abused the sex energy by stripping women of their natural powers and perverting it for their own gain.


“We are going to create balance on this planet again. The greatest power of all is the power of subtlety. And these women will be very subtle. This is where we begin to repair the damage that has evolved over the last 3,000 years,” he said. “We are going to remind women of what they already know.”


Jennifer noted that the women of the world are partly to blame for the imbalance because they have compromised with the false religious systems.


Jennifer said that the women are not weak, as society portrays them. “But we need to wake them up, to lift the fog that they are in. The eleven queens are vital role models for all women,” she said.


Donahue said there is another important part of the Luciferian order where men play a key role as well. This will be what he calls the Third Order Priesthood.


There will be 100 men chosen to serve in this important capacity. They are dedicated men who go out into the world as messengers for Lucifer, Donahue said. He said this will be a tough job because these special priests will face persecution and adversity where ever they go, but the work must be done.


“We represent the only chance for permanence. We carry the genetic key. Our work ultimately aims to achieve contact with the human progenitor so that our cellular information can be carried into the past. Only in this way can we keep the information loop going,” Donahue said.


Failure to do this will mean that the information loop is broken and the totality of whom we are, what we accomplished, and what we know will be forever lost. All of this is an aspect of our cellular information system. This can be transported back into time and implanted in humans living in the distant past.


He said human extinction is worse than death. And the loss of the totality of our existence, the cellular information, will be worse than extinction. This, he warned, will be our final judgment.