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Donahue Explains Why He Burned His AIDS Cure Discovery


By James Donahue

March 20, 2005


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue told his radio audience March 20 that he burned a discovery of a cure for AIDS because nobody was interested.


In what turned out to be his most explosive broadcast to date Donahue also warned of a looming world war between China and the United States, warned of new technology being developed for a “one-war” neutron bomb, and called for the end of marriage because of the looming death of our planet.


These subjects were among the highlights of his show but there was much more.


Donahue directed listeners to his website at and new postings of pictures of the burning of a folder containing what he said was a cure for the HIV virus and a way to bring an end to the killer disease AIDS that is sweeping the world.


He said he burned the data that would have led to a cure for AIDS after announcing that he found it, and waiting for 30 days after announcing his discovery on his website and to his radio listening audience. The story also was published on this website and on the Canadian website Farshores.


He said during this critical 30-day period, he didn’t receive a single inquiry about his discovery.


He said his decision to destroy the data was made because of the indifference expressed by the thousands of people who knew he had it, but didn’t care enough to do even inquire about his discovery.


“This is an example of what is wrong,” Donahue said. “This was a gift to the world. When we accept gifts like this we receive a blessing. But when we turn our backs on them, we are cursed.


“We have all seen the UFOs in our skies. They are alien ships. Who doesn’t know this? There are watchers watching us. They are watching me. We are in the midst of judgment,” he said.


Donahue said the reason people refused to ask about his cure for AIDS is because he is a declared Luciferian. The Christian oriented society in which he lives is programmed to think of this as an evil thing. Thus he is blackballed from public radio and television programs, and anything he does or says is ignored.


“But it isn’t Luciferians that are raping and killing children. Christians are doing this. In nearly every case of a child sexual killing, a Christian is involved,” Donahue charged.


He said he devoted life energy into doing the research for the AIDS cure even though as a psychic, he knew what the outcome of his research was going to be. “I have a medical lexicon,” he said. “I knew I could find a cure for any disease. I am very good at what I do. And I found an obvious and shocking cure. But I am not going to ever talk about what I discovered.”


Donahue drew a parallel to what happened this month to an event that occurred one day when he went into a store in California. He said the clerk in that store was obviously ill. He said he looked into the man’s body and found that he had a severe medical problem that was about to kill him. He said he offered some suggestions for things he could do to ease his suffering and prolong his life. The man became angry, told Donahue he was a Christian and that his suffering was God’s will.


“We are a society that worships suffering and death. How else can you explain so many young men volunteering now for the army. This man refused my gift. He is probably dead today,” Donahue said.


“What does this tell me about the mindset of the Christians? They are waiting for a superman to come down and save them,” he said.


Donahue said the reality of our situation is that we all must look to find the god within ourselves. And if we are to be saved, we must do the work. We cannot expect anybody else to do it for us.


From this day on, he said, “when I see an AIDS patient suffering, I know that it was meant to be. We are watched. When you do not receive the gift, you are cursed.” 


There is much more to say about this remarkable show. Look for additional reports tomorrow.