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Aaron’s Recent Abduction To An Alien Craft


By James Donahue

March 2005


Among the many sensational revelations disclosed by Aaron C. Donahue during his first Radio-Aaron Internet radio broadcast March 6 was that he recently was abducted to an alien craft.


Not only did Donahue say he was abducted, but he described what happened to him in graphic detail, and said it was not the first time he was aboard such a ship.


In a recent letter of response to a posting on his web blog, Donahue noted that even as a child, he remembers at least one of his abductions.


”It is true that my father, his father, and I were abducted and that the manipulation occurred at puberty. In my case, I recall the incident in 1973. There have been other more recent incidents concerning our future, instructions, and technology.” Aaron wrote.


On his radio show, Donahue said he believed there were “three generations of manipulation” by aliens in the Donahue family. All three men in the family, Aaron, this writer and Aaron’s grandfather, remember strange “night flights” that we found very enjoyable at about the age of puberty.


Donahue said his most recent ride on an alien ship was much more disconcerting.


He said the episode began one night when everyone in the large old Victorian house where he lives was asleep. He said this building is haunted so he is used to odd happenings, but this time the sensation that came over him was very different. “It was like I was in an altered state,” he said.


Donahue said the house is heated by two large gas-fired hot water boilers in the basement, and he first worried that it might be carbon monoxide poisoning. This was because he couldn’t wake anybody in the house, even his cats, which he thought was very strange. He said he started to walk out of the bedroom to warn others sleeping in the house and that was the last he remembered. “I just blacked out,” he said.


When he woke Donahue said he was in a very cold, dark place where the air was so thin he found it difficult to breathe. “It was like I was in a very high elevation. It was the kind of sensation you have when you drive to the peak of a very high mountain.”


He said there was a dim light, enough to make him aware that he was inside a very large ship. “There were two beings on my left. They were both very tall. They appeared as shadowy figures. One seemed to be guarding the other. I can tell you that this was not a very positive experience. I felt as if I was in danger and that if I made a wrong move I would have been killed.”


He said the reason for his abduction apparently involved an exchange of information. “There was no politics. They communicated telepathically. They messed with my head and one of the beings motioned to something in the center of the craft.”


Donahue said he was directed to walk across the cold floor to examine 18 items that were placed under a dim light. He said the artifacts were human art pieces, made at the beginning of technology, when mankind began building monuments. It was an important reminder of a covenant, received at a time when humans received Lucifer’s DNA and began evolving and experiencing a breakdown of the bicameral brain.


“I had to study every one of them. After I was finished I blacked out again.”


The next morning when he awoke there was more. The moment he was alert Donahue said he began hearing voices in his head. He said it wasn’t just “an auditory hallucination” but some kind of verbal communication.


“There were twin voices, both male and female. There also was a holographic message,” he said.


Donahue said he was instructed to build a special instrument as quickly as possible that would make it possible for him to communicate with the alien visitors. He was told that it was important that this device be built soon because the aliens had something to tell him.


He said he is now in the process of building it.


That first radio show with host Steve "O" lasted four hours. Steve "O" said future shows may not be as lengthy and he promised that listeners will be given an opportunity to call in and ask Donahue questions.


The new show will be aired every Sunday beginning at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. To link up go to The March 6 show is in the archives and can be downloaded for listening on MP3 players.