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The BTK-Christian Link In Wichita


By James Donahue

February 28, 2005


The man accused of the infamous BTK Serial Killings in Kansas is found to be a Christian “pillar” in the suburb community of Park City, on the edge of Wichita.


On his website Sunday, psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue revealed that Dennis Rader is president of a local Lutheran Church. A news clip also said the man has a wife and two children and is the leader of a local Cub Scout pack.


He worked so close to the police, as a city ordinance enforcer, that he was virtually invisible to investigators.


Donahue has repeatedly drawn strange parallels between high profile killers and their ties to Christianity. Such names as Christian Longo, Deanna Laney, Andrea Yates, Jeffrey Dahmer, Robert Yates Jr., and John Wayne Gacy are among a long list of crazed loonies, some of whom claimed they were on missions from God.


I am sure there are many more that fit this profile. Not surprisingly, the media has failed to notice this link and rarely mentions it unless the fact becomes linked to the killer’s motive for the crimes. Both Andrea Yates and Deanna Laney claimed to have heard voices before killing their children.


That Rader served as president of his church reveals his deep involvement in Christianity. Yet his killing spree, if indeed he is found guilty of the 31-year-long crime spree that left at least 10 people in the Wichita area dead, was not only grisly, but sensationalized by the fact that the killer wrote letters taunting both the police and the media for not catching him.


It seems there is something in the angelic-driven Christian today that desires bloodshed. Most are blindly following an apocalyptic Christian president on a campaign for World War III and the mass killings of millions, if not billions of humans, without blinking an eye.


That occasional believers should be driven to go on killing sprees of their own should not be surprising.


All Christians are clearly possessed by angelic energies. And Donahue has shown, through his exposure of the Goetia Spirits, that all of the secret visitors to this planet are aliens that live on a plane outside our awareness.


That billions of humans have not only permitted this possession, but welcomed it, is frightening to those of us who understand what is happening.