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Using The Collective Power Of The Human Mind


By James Donahue

February 2005


He first demonstrated it by launching a mantra among his readers to bring on chaos. As for the Indonesian phenomenon Aaron C. Donahue brought forth a second and more specific mantra to generate more natural disasters.


Now Donahue is suggesting a third mantra with a collective energy directed toward Wall Street. What is this about?


“I am constructing a doorway via the inherent spiritual mind into a chaotic system of information,” he explains. “This system specifically involves an opportunity for a spiritual community to freely form prior to the rearrangement of world powers.”


Donahue is asking his growing number of supporters to collectively experiment with their minds to bring about constructive change, not only in nature, but in the financial markets. But this change, he says, will be designed to bring order to chaos and give a special number of humans a chance to survive the looming extinction of all life.


He says the mind control of finance by Luciferians may present “an opportunity to become mobile and secure prior to the rearrangement of world powers.” He also says this group must also prepare for “possible contact with the human progenitor,” or a return of Lucifer.


The mantra is not designed to destroy the markets, only teach his readers how to collectively manipulate them to their advantage. “I want to demonstrate to the profane that we are not going away,” Donahue said.


On his website at, he wrote: “The solution does not involve the destruction of any current financial institution, but rather; it involves justice, a redistribution of power, allocation of resources, and centralization.


Will it work?


Because he is getting help from around the world, all three mantras are bringing results.


At first, the chaos began with a series of plane crashes. Then there were ship disasters, multiple automobile pile-ups on super highways, train wrecks and spectacular fires. They began slowly at first but have been increasing in their frequencies all over the world.


The power behind the mantra for natural disaster is only beginning to be felt. The idea is to ask the Mother Earth to cleanse herself of the parasites that have overpopulated her and now threaten to kill her by human pollution and destruction of the planet’s natural environment. Since the mantra began there have been many more earth quakes, storms and floods. The destruction is only beginning.


Donahue said he is surprised at how quickly his mantra to affect financial markets is being felt. While not falling dramatically, the Dow Jones has become sluggish, gaining, then losing by small percentage points under the influence of world events. Donahue believes the markets can eventually be influenced through collective thought, although like everything else, it will take time.


Donahue also believes that more and more people watch the effects of this collective experiment of the mind they will be joining in.


 “It is not me doing this. It will be thousands of collective minds working together. As people are waking up they are discovering the power of the human mind,” Donahue said.


In a sense, he said, a genie has been unleashed from the bottle after thousands of years of suppression.


Books have been written and sermons have been preached from many pulpits about the power of prayer. A mantra is a form of prayer. The results are somewhat the same except a mantra, which can have a magickal power of its own when fed by the minds of thousands of people at the same time, can bring extreme change.


Radio talk host Art Bell accidentally demonstrated the power of mere collective thought some years ago when he asked his listeners to think of rain to help squelch a rash of forest fires sweeping Florida. The state had been suffering from a severe drought at the time and fires were breaking out all over the state. The next day it rained in Florida.


Bell’s request was designed to help a desperate situation brought on by unnaturally dry weather. He had no trouble getting a lot of people in line to put forth a mental thought for rain. But why would anybody join Donahue in a mantra for chaos, the natural cleansing of millions of people, and affect the world financial markets?


It is because a lot of people are desperately aware that there is something wrong in this world, that the planet’s ecological system is dying, and that big business institutions that control governments are unwilling to change a thing. They also agree with Aaron that the solution to this mess appears to be a destructive world war or some other natural disaster that eliminates billions of people and gives the planet a fighting chance for survival.


Donahue said he would like this cleansing to be done through natural disasters rather than by nuclear war.  


The latest mantra also focuses on the influence of money, the real god of the human race. It is the constant quest for wealth the drives humans into environmentally destructive activity.


Without a dynamic change, scientists are already predicting that humanity is threatened with bringing about its own extinction.


New reports indicate that global warming alone could escalate more rapidly than first thought, and that the planet could become too hot to support life. The change, which already is being noticed in radical weather patterns, could be out of control within a very short time.


Donahue believes it may already be too late to save the planet. But he thinks it is possible to buy ourselves some time to plan an escape for a select few through contact . . . if we can make those radical changes in a hurry.


His best proposal for accomplishing this monumental task is through the human mind. Thus he is slowly and carefully teaching his readers how to open the right hemisphere of the brain and use the power of our magnificent brains to accomplish what no terrorist, no political leader, no military force and no public protester has ever done . . . change the direction the world is taking.


Will it work?


Donahue says the human race is part of a vast universal information system. When hundreds, or thousands of minds are collectively working toward the same goal, the effect can be dynamic. Sometimes it can be seen within hours, and sometimes within months. But there is an effect.


“Coincidence does not exist,” Donahue said.


“The majority of man is presently controlled via his lack of spiritual understanding and of where he perceives to be within the arrow of time. This arrow once perceived is false. A result of this collective disorientation presents a vulnerability to error as numerical relationships are rearranged according to probabilities most associated with non-historical systems of information,” he wrote.


Donahue said understanding this control through the mantra experiments promises “to limit its effectiveness . . . this is key to a profound social change.”


His instructions for those who wish to participate:


“Focus upon the DOW and experiment.

”Chaotic systems of market information can be collectively influenced by those who repeatedly project an image of justice, balance, or Maat.

”Expect nothing while you project, keep the mind still, and observe. Remember that many people are with you in this effort as my daily readership continues to grow from around the world.

”The greatest of force is also the most subtle operating within the spiritual mind. It involves both a specialized area of the brain and communal effort.”