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That Strange Bush Family Hand Signal


By James Donahue

January 2005


He has used it before, but nowhere was the hand gesture more noticed than during George W. Bush’s inauguration celebration on Jan. 20.


Many people throughout the world, including some journalists, are calling the gesture, with the index and pinky fingers extended and middle fingers folded under the thumb, satanic . . . the sign of the horned goat.


Bush, his wife, Laura and twin daughters were all captured on film that day, boldly displaying the gesture as they looked down over the crowds.


While folks around the University of Texas recognize that “Hook ‘em ‘horns” salute as a winning gesture symbolizing the Longhorns, the school’s football team, it struck a cord of paranoia among already suspicious watchers from around the world.


A Norwegian Internet publication recognized the symbol as a satanic gesture. Apparently the Nordics recognize it as a goat’s head with horns, a universal sign of the Devil.


There are some Internet sites that clearly show the hand gesture as just that . . . a salute to Satan.


Another writer, Michael Hoffman II, was so convinced that Bush was boldly showing his allegiance to the Devil, he wrote: “The reign of Satan has officially commenced -- in the name of Jesus Christ.”


Hoffman wrote: “Brazen Presidential Satanism like this is a clear indicator that the System believes it has the situation so locked down that it can reveal its true nature, symbolically, from time to time, in public.”


Unfortunately, an obviously suspicious world is reading too much into a gesture that the Bush family might better have left out of their day’s activities. It seems that no matter what Mr. Bush does, it is pounced upon by his critics as a sign that he is, perhaps, the antichrist.


And well he may be.


But Mr. Bush, according to psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue, is possessed by a powerful angel intent on bringing on the Biblical apocalypse. It is not Satan that now runs our nation. In fact, Satan is a concept of darkness. He does not exist and never has.

Also, in spite of the many articles that have been written about the subject of the Bush hand gesture in recent days, there is no such thing as a hand gesture that salutes Satan.


Donahue, who is schooled in esoteric matters, says some cultures believe that a hand sign showing the index, pinky and thumb extended may be a sign of the devil’s pitch fork, but this also is incorrect. He said Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the sea, always was depicted with a pitch fork in his hand. Somehow this story has been mixed with the Christian image of Satan.


Deaf people schooled in sign language will dispute the pitchfork theory. That same hand symbol, with the index, pinky and thumb extended, has a whole different meaning to them. It is the powerful message: “I love you.”