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White House Contingency Plan For  A Rapture


By James Donahue

January 2005


If you think his fundamentalism isn’t affecting the way President George W. Bush runs our country, consider this: The White House has a plan for keeping government operating if Bush and all of his Christian sidekicks get lifted up into the clouds with Jesus.


Apparently the Bible thumpers in high places believe the signs of the “end times” are so evident that the lifting of the saints, as described in Thessalonians 4:13-18, in which “the dead in Christ will rise, then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord,” is eminent.


They believe this wild story so fervently that a plan is being put in place for continued government if and when Mr. Bush and many of his key cabinet members suddenly fly off through the ceiling.


But who are the so-called heathen on the Bush team that will be still around once the Christians fly away home? And who is our government has the authority to choose which of our leaders got up with Jesus, and which stay behind?


Apparently Vice President Dick Cheney is considered a non-believer and consequently will be still around. But one recent story suggested that Cheney’s bad heart, and the shock of seeing his boss fly off through the office ceiling, might leave him incapacitated. Who governs us then?


The next in the presidential succession chain would be Speaker of the House Tom DeLay. But like Bush, DeLay is a Texas based fundamental Christian and his name is included among the “saints” expecting to disappear.


And that leaves the job to the Senate’s senior statesman, Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, now 81 years old. Naturally there is concern that Stevens may not be up to the job of seeing the nation through the turbulent Tribulation, described in the Scriptures as a seven-year-long time of trouble concluding with a mighty war.


So there you have it. If Jesus decides to call home his followers during the next four years, we can expect to have a government run by either Cheney or Stevens, with a fragment of both the House and Senate left to keep things running.


This writer isn’t worried. At least about having Mr. Bush fly off into the sky. The Christian rapture is a fairy tale that is about as hard to believe as the virgin birth and the resurrection of the murdered Jesus. The stories stem from ancient mythology that has been passed down since the days of Nimrod.


What worries me more is the fact that we have a president who believes these stories so fervently that he thinks he might just fly away before his term ends. When a man believes like that, he is liable to do things that will not be in his own best interests, or the best interests of our nation.


For example, the Christians also believe a promise in the Book of the Revelation that after the wars are over, and after Jesus returns with his saints to reign over the Earth for a thousand years, there will be another time of trouble. This is caused by a temporary release of the elusive Devil.


After this, God is supposed to rebuild both Heaven and the Earth.


Since the fundamental Christians believe everything written in the Bible is the gospel truth, and the infallible Word of God, they don’t worry much about taking care of the planet. And there lies the flaw.


The only way for us to save ourselves is to reject these false religious beliefs and turn back to Gnosticism. We need to recognize the Mother Earth as a living sentient entity that provides for our every need.


In return, it is the duty of all humans to cherish, protect and do everything in our power to restore the Mother to the wonderful garden she was when it all began.


Failure to do this means that instead of rewards, the human race can only expect a doomsday scenario. Human extinction looms if the planet dies.