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Mysteries Of Deep Space: What Is Really Out There?


By James Donahue

December 2004


As our world plunges toward its own apocalyptic demise because of overpopulation human pollution and mismanagement of our natural resources, people are thinking seriously about escaping to the stars.


But even if humans can somehow physically evolve and adapt to living on other worlds, space is not the solution to the human dilemma. The classic science fiction image of human space travel and settlement throughout the stars may be prohibited by the fact that we do not understand what is out there.


What we see is frighteningly confusing, and filled with obstacles that might prohibit a successful trip even as far as Mars. We know that we must contend with vast distance, weightlessness, bringing along our own life-support system, and flying objects, some no larger than a baseball or grain of sand but moving fast enough to penetrate a steel hull, that seem to zip through space on their own strange trajectories. Arrival at our destination offers no sanctuary since we already know the other planets in our solar system are devoid of life as we know it and present environments too hostile for human existence.


And there is something else.


It is the stuff we don’t see . . . the black holes and now a new phenomena they are calling “dark matter,” that could be our biggest obstacle, especially for exploration beyond our own solar system.


The subject of dark matter was brought to the forefront recently because of something strange that has been happening to two old spacecraft, Pioneer 10 and 11, probes sent off into the distant stars more than 30 years ago.


After passing most of the planets in our solar system, snapping pictures as they went, the two Pioneer probes were destined to continue blindly on past Pluto, past the Kuiper Belt and into deep space.


But the two craft seem to be in the grip of a mysterious force that is holding them back and changing their expected behavior.


The tracking of the two Pioneers has been carried out at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and Los Alamos National Laboratory by using giant dishes from NASA’s Deep Space Network. Scientists say that by the time the two probes were beyond Pluto they noticed anomalies in their trajectories.


Every time they looked, the ships were in the wrong place. According to one account, the effect was small, but significant. “Something more than the Sun’s gravity appeared to have a grip on the craft,” one story said.


Consequently, some scientists are suggesting that dark matter may be involved.


What is dark matter? No one knows, except that physicists say they calculate it must exist in order to give the universe consistency. Using quantum physics, they claim that 90 to 99 percent of the universe is matter in a form that cannot be seen. But beyond this, they cannot explain what it is.


Some suggest dark matter comes in the form of massive objects like black holes that are found in the midst of galaxies. Other scientists theorize that dark matter consists of subatomic particles that rarely interact with ordinary matter. Then there is negative matter, which science has not only proven exists, but is reportedly learning how to use it to make new military weaponry.


One writer noted that the term dark, or “missing” matter is misleading because it is really the light that is missing. “Scientists can tell that the dark matter is there, but they cannot see it,” the story said.


Bruce Margon, chairman of the University of Washington’s astronomy department, once said in an interview with the New York Times: “It’s a fairly embarrassing situation to admit that we can’t find 90 percent of the universe.”


Margon joked that “Mother Nature is having a double laugh. She’s hidden most of the matter in the universe, and hidden it in a form that can’t be seen.”


There is another esoteric way of looking at our universe that science is overlooking. People that manage to achieve right-brain functioning and expand the use of their brains have the ability of opening the third eye. This is a spiritual eye that sees beyond the limited tunnel reality that binds most humans in our three-dimensional world.


Practitioners of yogi know this eye to be one of the body chakras, the one that exists in the middle of the forehead, just between the eyes. When opened, I have known people who have use this eye to see their way through total darkness, see life in the fourth, fifth and other dimensional astral world that whirls around us, and achieve a vast understanding of the universe as it really is.


To achieve this knowledge, however, humans must evolve. This form of evolution is not going to just happen over time because time is running out, and we have allowed outside spiritual forces to intervene.


They have given us religion, a blinding, enslaving force of our own choosing that has blocked human evolution and prevented humans from learning how to expand their minds and utilize the full brain.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue, who has turned on his full brain, said he believes there may be a correlation between the fact that humans only use about 10 percent of their brains, and they can see only about 10 percent of the universe that surrounds them.


If Donahue is correct, then we are in a dilemma that is rushing us to extinction. That we cannot shuck the yoke of false religious enslavement, but rather choose by overwhelming majorities to embrace it, is a sign that the human experiment has failed.