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Scottish Test Shows Psychic Functioning Is Real


By James Donahue

December 2004


While those of us who live with the phenomenon have no doubts, there is a broad and natural skepticism throughout the world as to the real ability of so-called “mediums” and “clairvoyants” to read minds and talk to the dead.


That is because our angelic-controlled societies teach from childhood that such things are “unscientific” and therefore non-existent. We exist in a predominantly left-brain functioning world. Consequently, few people allow what many of us believe are natural abilities, through right-brain functioning, to develop.


A few “natural psychics” fall through the cracks, however. And some, who spend time developing their abilities, become very talented at what they do.


Unfortunately, the real psychics in the world have fallen into suspicion because of the many fakes that sell their snake oil to the masses for what they believe is some easy money. And psychic debunkers like James Randi have gained some level of fame exposing them.


The bad publicity springing from the fake psychics and the debunking has given the entire concept of right-brain functioning a severe black eye. And the angelic energies that appear to be controlling the world want it this way. That is because real psychics can see them and expose angels for what they really are. But that is another story.


Something interesting has been going on in Scotland over the past five years that seems to offer scientific proof that psychics are, indeed, worth their salt. Researchers for an organization called the Scottish Society for Psychical Research say they used 13 known psychics in an extended series of tests that proved that something paranormal was going on.


In each test, researchers would place about 30 volunteers in a room on chairs with random seat numbers. The mediums or psychics, each working alone, entered another room out of sight and well separated from the test volunteers. Using only the numbers assigned to the individuals, the psychics made readings of the various participants in the test.


After the readings, adjudicators distributed lists of what the mediums saw and people in the test group picked which of the psychic statements applied to them.


The rules of chance suggested an accuracy of about 30 percent. But the psychics surprised the researchers by averaging 70 percent, with some hitting 80 percent, reports Society vice-president Tricia Robertson.


“I think it is now important to recognize that mediumship can honestly gain information that ordinary people can’t,” said Robertson. “I would welcome more academic research into this because it is an area where activity is unexplained.”


It is unexplained to the scientific world because scientists are restricted to a set of rules and principles that prohibit them from reaching out beyond things that can be seen, smelled, touched and observed through countless controlled tests. A probability must first be tested. Then, if it survives a battery of controlled testing, the idea might fall to the realm of theory. From there, if it remains unchallenged by other theories and eventually is accepted as a basis for scientific research, it becomes law.


But how can something as clouded as right-brain functioning survive the rigors of scientific testing? While we can examine the brain and even its electrical charges through the help of modern scientific equipment, we still have little knowledge about how it works. In fact, some “brain specialists” still believe the right hemisphere of the brain is unnecessary because humans can operate perfectly well in contemporary society without it.


Gifted psychic Aaron C. Donahue notes that most humans use no more than 10 percent of their brain cells throughout their lifetimes, and function very well in this limited capacity, since the world demands no more of them.


He thinks there is a direct correlation between this limited brain capacity and that fact that humans can see and understand no more than 10 percent of the universe around them.


Before we can get the whole picture, humans must learn to evolve, turn on the right hemispheres of their marvelous brains, open their third eyes, and look beyond the tunnel realities created by the angels through the power of religion.