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The Human Electric


By James Donahue


My wife can’t wear a watch. Her body somehow magnetizes the metal components and within a few days a timepiece on her wrist will stop working.


She is one of many people in the world that apparently store and send out strong enough electric charges to affect the things around her.


We all have experienced static electricity. That usually happens to people that live or work in the ultra dry environment created by some winter heating systems. We feel a “poke” strong enough to make us react when we touch one another, or something metallic.


Some people send off impulses so powerful they have been known to cause street lamps to blink as they near, and electric appliances to malfunction.


Our bodies are electrically charged energy systems. While I am incapable of explaining how it works, our brains are comparable in many ways to complex computer systems, constantly generating information while at the same time keeping our bodies operating.


There also is a constant exchange of information between brains. We all have had the experience of “sensing” the thoughts of others near us. Husbands and wives who have lived with one another for a number of years often become so good at reading each other’s thoughts they sometimes don’t need to speak.


Even though I attempt to wear a stoic mask, my wife always knows when I am angry or upset. Sometimes I notice that she answers a question in my head that has not been spoken aloud.


This reaction to each other’s energy systems might possibly be explained in scientific terms, but that does not explain the step beyond this level that we call psychic functioning.


This manifests itself in many strange and unexpected ways in our house. I have seen my wife go to a telephone moments before it rings. Our children have innocently announced someone’s surprise visit long before it happens. I have caught myself predicting the surprise outcome of a movie, or the outcome of an event before actually knowing that I was correct.


I have experienced dreams and flash visions of automobile accidents and taken steps to make sure they don’t happen. One afternoon in 1997 as I was driving home from my job I took a detour to a store to pick up a few things for the house. Suddenly I had a vision of flashing red lights, police and emergency workers around me. Then as I cautiously continued down the busy four-lane highway, an eerie “prickly” sensation came over me as I approached a certain intersection. I proceeded on to the store, bought the items, and started back for the house. As I reached that same intersection, I passed the crumpled wreckage of two cars that collided. The police were just arriving. The accident happened moments after my passing.


Our son, Aaron C. Donahue, is so sensitive he can read people’s thoughts from some distance away. He says their signals come to him with such strength he avoids crowds as much as possible. Like my wife, he has often answered unspoken questions, or produced objects I have not spoken of, but am searching for.


Not long ago, while sitting in our parked car and waiting for my wife to come out of a grocery store, I spent my time experimenting with tuning in on the thoughts of people walking past. As one young lady passed I received the clear image of a shopping cart. I thought that was odd, until she walked right up to a number of carts and began collecting them. She turned out to be a store employee sent to bring in carts from the parking lot.


What I discovered is that we all seem to possess the ability to tap into the electrical impulses of the people around us. If we had taken a different track in the distant past, and evolved to be the magnificent creatures we were designed to be, we would not be cluttering the air with the noise of our voices. We would, instead, be communicating telepathically.


We might also be living in a world of brilliant minds, walking among billions of god-like people, on a planet humming and alive. Since there would be no secrets, our behavior toward one another would be much different than it is today.  


But alas, we chose the wrong path. The false system of religious control sent the human race off into a path of barbarism. We chose warfare, greed and disrespect for our planet. We will pay the price for this grievous mistake.