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Virtual Astronauts Exploring The Stars


By James Donahue


NASA would do well to listen to Peter Plantec, a consultant in virtual human design and animation, who advocates sending virtual astronauts to Mars instead of humans.


Speaking at the 5th Annual Telluride Tech Festival recently held in Telluride, Colorado, Plantec said the virtual traveler would be well equipped to handle the rigors of deep space travel.


That is because they won’t require food, oxygen or water, or even wear space suits. They just strap themselves in for the ride.


Plantec said the technology of making virtual humans is still relatively primitive, but has the capability of becoming very sophisticated. And it has to be sophisticated, he said, because these guys will be making complex decisions and actions on their own.


It is a novel idea, and one that just might be a better solution to the problems of space exploration . . . as long as we think we really have our minds set on making the trip. I personally believe it is a waste of time and money at a time when the people of this planet desperately need to start tending our own garden instead of searching for a place to run.


We already know that colonizing any of the other planets in this solar system is highly improbable. Mars shows the best possibility but offers such a hostile, airless and waterless environment, it is obvious that the only way anyone could live there would be to have a direct pipeline back to Earth.


A virtual rider . . . that is a person projecting himself into the ship via an advanced holographic device . . . would put us mentally in space while our bodies remain behind in a safe, natural place. It would be a type of remote viewing, only done electronically.


The work done by psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue when he evoked and remote viewed all 72 Spirits of the Goetia in 2002, revealed that this is exactly how the aliens appear to travel when they visit Earth.


He found that the spirits, which we refer to as demons, are all aliens from distant places.


Those ships we are seeing in the sky are piloted by virtual holographic projections of pilots from far-away stars. The actual trip is so long and so dangerous, any living creature would be sacrificing themselves, and possibly the lives of their children to make the journey.


Not only are the aliens using virtual copies of themselves to drive the ships, they are projecting holographic images to Earth, Donahue discovered. These images often appear as birds or earthly type animals.


The beings that send them seem to have a sense of humor. Donahue believes many of the world myths about unicorns, sea monsters, big foot and giant flying creatures are no more than projected images from the alien craft overhead.


It is obvious that alien technology has surpassed ours, and that they have been exploring the universe for a very long time. We have good reason to believe that our origins come from the stars.


Thus, if we must go into space, we would be wise to develop the kind of virtual reality system we need to get us safely there and back again.