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Abba Father: Climate Change Now In Reverse?

By James Donahue

For some time now we have been getting a strange warning from The Abba Father that did not seem to make sense. He says the Mother Earth is shutting down because of the ravages caused by human behavior and must now go through a period of healing. During this time, our planet is going to get very cold and a lot of people are going to perish.

We first received this message in 2012, while the Earth was going through one of the hottest periods in recorded history, so we found such a prophetic message difficult to believe. But the lingering winter in the Midwest United States this year and the incredible snow storms pelting the country this late in the season, and reaching south even into the Carolinas, have caused us to post this message and let readers decide for themselves.

On March 10, 2013, when asking about the strange moaning sounds being heard all over the world, The Abba Father explained: "Moan is from the Earth’s core and is about to be causing Earth to die. Worn out Earth is sick and needs sleep. The center of the Earth is cooling down to let Earth’s center stay stronger so now on the Earth’s surface will become colder than normal. If the Earth can hold on to this way Earth will heal and wake up to a new beginning."

On March 19 we asked again about the future of our planet. The Abba Father said there is a future for some and that there will be enough of a remnant of humanity left to avoid total extinction. He said: "Turned inside out is the new world. It is not like the one we know. It will become a peaceful place but surviving what is ahead will not be easy."

We asked what we will be facing in the months ahead. The answer: "Famine, deadly virus is there now. Under the Earth it is turning cold and soon will cause a chill over the entire Earth. Too many will not make it but enough will."

During a session on January 23, The Abba Father said: "Longer snow comes to the east now. This will become a problem to many. Snow is now being delivered there and will continue until June. This causes many to not plant gardens there. Then all of a sudden a blast of heat comes. This heat lasts until fall.

This week when we asked about the snow on the East Coast again The Abba Father repeated his warning: "Will snow on the East Coast until June. It stays cold and then gets very warm."

Volcanism has been blamed for extreme cooling events on our planet in the not too distant path. The ash in the upper atmosphere blocked enough sunlight that crops failed and a lot of people starved for lack of enough food.

If the Abba Father is right and our planet is suddenly in a cooling stage, we could be facing not only more severe winter storms and colder temperatures, but famine is, indeed, on the horizon. It is time for folks to start planning ahead if they hope to be among the survivors.