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Abba Father: Climate Change An Issue For 2013

By James Donahue

The Abba Father informed us in a session on January 23, 2013 that the United States government will be unable to ignore the issue of climate change and global warming because of even more radical weather that sweeps the nation from coast to coast.

His message published exactly as it was received:

"Storms come and hit the West Coast. The rain is drenching there. Floods come and many are evacuated to higher ground. Longer snow comes to the East. This will become a problem to many. Snow is now being delivered there and will continue until June. This causes many to not plant gardens. Then all of a sudden a blast of heat comes. This heat lasts until fall."

Weather events are so severe this year that the Abba Father said the government "will implement a solution because of a warning by a prominent investigator into this. They are told there is no turning back now. The issue is grave. It may be too late to fix so they listen to him."

We asked if the planet can still be saved:

The answer: "Yes. It is on the brink of disaster now but there are ways it can be saved. The government has the ideas put to them now. This will become necessary for the future of America."

Will President Obama get the support of Congress and the Senate to implement the severe measures that might stop or slow down the violent weather changes and buy the human race more time? Don’t hold your breath. The corporate fed ultra conservative Tea Baggers are poised to battle this president at every turn.

The Abba Father said our president "lives with fear that a money situation comes now that puts him into a decision he has trouble making. So many oppose him he cannot seem to win."

It seems that the ghost of racial hatred linked to an unwillingness by big business to submit to strict reductions in the burning of carbon based fuels may be our downfall.