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Abba Father: Opening Portals To Other Worlds


By James Donahue

In the many messages received from The Abba Father, there has been frequent references to portals on earth and their importance to the future of the human race. On Saturday, January 19, 2013, we asked for information about portals, why they are important, and how humans can acquire access to them. The answers should be of great interest to everyone.

Following are the Abba Father answers exactly as they were received:

Question: What are portals?

“Portals are pathways to another existence on Earth that is projected from your minds. A long tubular . . . rigorous . . .(this portion of message was lost.) Another one is located here on a Long Island pathway. A government project found this portal. They ran experiments there but it was not the right information and did not work out. It was put on hold until more information was known. This portal is still working and needs to be known to all humans. (This appears to be a reference to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment)

“This will become the way to travel to other forms of existence. The other portals are located all over the earth. Hidden now is one inside the mountain on California’s sacred San Francisco Mountain. It holds the main portal now. All humans will see how easy it will become to open this gate. Inside your mind is an area that makes it possible to this gate to open. Mathematics is one way but not all will understand this process. The process is not difficult. Just know one day the information will be there for all, not just a few. Mind work is important. Do not close your mind to the possibility of getting portal information. All mankind will have access all over the world. No one is different from another. It is possible. This hope cannot be taken away. All the knowledge will come to all. No one person holds the key. You all hold the key to portals. Experiments will come and great knowledge will be known but the way there is still not known. So once your minds are ready information will come that is all at once. And then portals will be known and all will be prepared for this journey.”

Question: Did great minds like Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla get their knowledge through access to portals?

“They were given information on time travel and other information to make it possible to have all mankind live on earth free and not able to consort with companies that want money. They had a gift given to them and they were manipulated by corporations to use this for purposes not needed for mankind. They were manipulated so the gifts were squandered and mankind will not benefit from their gifts. All was for naught and much of their discovery was hidden and never will become public.

“This knowledge would save the Earth from any more harm and pollution would halt. It is not too late to find a solution so try to bring back the special minds on Earth now that only want to save the Mother from being destroyed. Money and corporate firms will not be needed. They are corrupt and know not the importance of the portals. They will not be given this knowledge until they become like all others on Earth and realize they are the same. This is where all humans need to be in their mind. This warring way has to stop. The world must seek peace now to open all gates. This is the only way to see.”

Question: How can we stop this insanity?

“Resonate from your minds each day. An energy exists there that will become so strong no one can manipulate you now. This resonance is being stopped by other ones that want war. But even a single mind has complete power. This is what corporate and the media wants blocked out. Clear your mind then open it up to new brain power that has always been there but is asleep. Concentrate on bringing this back to put love and peace there again. Look at yourselves now. Tell your mind to not linger on fear but on love no matter what your situation is. In the end you will be processing all messages from your heart and then connecting this to love unimaginable. Do this every day. Minds will open up and a new beginning will come. This is your power and soon a difference will be seen all over the Earth. No one mind is special. No one is left out so begin now. Seek this opening every day.”