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Abba Father: World Monetary System Ahead

By James Donahue

Forget about the debt ceiling. Forget about the fiscal cliff. It is all a hoax to make the American people believe the nation is solvent and it is all Washington politics as usual. But this is far from the truth according to information received January 15, 2013 from The Abba Father.

In a special session with this all-knowing Elder of the Earth, we received the following message for all that will read and understand:

"All humans are money conscious now. Money will no longer become a god for humans on Earth. Changes will come for this to no longer control humans and affect their ways. The American way will not remain the same.

"China has already held up the United States in their monetary coalition that causes a take-over of banks in America. U.S.A. left the monetary systems to China long ago. A president cannot back down to Congress now. They are in total control and will let China become the leader of money.

"This is how the love is manipulated on Earth. Money will not save mankind from harm. A new development is coming to put money aside. A new collateral will make it easy for a complete takeover of humans. Your monetary system will be regulated by a few and many will not be included. Many will go hungry because they will not submit.

"Your finances there in America will last a short time but will need to be different than it is now. Eventually your country will become a world leader in a one-world monetary system that all must become part of. A major country called China will loom its head into America’s monetary woes. They will become the leader of banks there and will become powerful bank system. This is how a one-world government comes along. America has money woes and will take the offer."