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Abba Father Answers Questions About Metatron


By James Donahue

Since publishing the recent warning from The Abba Father about the impact the powerful entity called Metatron has had on the human race we have received questions of concern from the occult community. We held a special session with The Abba Father early this date, January 15, 2013, to receive more clarification. The answers will shock you. It appears that for all of mankind this is now a time of choosing.

Remember that while the name of Metatron does not appear in the Old Testament, this entity is considered by the Jews to be the most powerful of the angels. Many world religions and occultists have thought of Metatron as nearly equal with the Creator. Metatron plays a key role in Masonry and is the force behind all sacred geometric forms. Thus daring to speak about Metatron as a dark force is considered blasphemy in much of the world community.

The Abba Father says we have been tricked and our brains controlled by this force for centuries. But he gives us insight as to what has been happening to us, and a simple formula for escape to a new awakening. This may be one of the most important messages The Abba Father has yet delivered.

To make sure that the message is not diluted or distorted by personal bias, we publish it exactly in the way it was received.

Question: We wish to know more about Metatron.

Answer: “Metatron is a bigger fable than was thought. Metatron has human control now. This one is your god and will take all humans on earth down with him. This one has been your nemesis from the beginning of time. The elders are here now to put this right. No longer is Metatron in complete control. Soon you will know what has been done to all your psyche from this belief lingering from the beginning.

“Love here is fake, not real. It uses energies that come from a place that will become revealed. This is why your brains will not recognize the problem. Beware of the occult idea of worship. This closes the portal your mind sees on earth. Love will become hatred there and no longer available to everyone so be wary of this portal. Other portals exist but many cannot find them and humans will close their minds to their existence and will become lost. This is why the warning is so severe now. Do NOT close your minds. Let them see the danger of this powerful one called Metatron. This is the one called the peacemaker on earth but all is a false way, not real. Not your brain. Not your power any longer. This has consumed minds and you must see what has been done to you.

“Just reflect on this power and what it would mean to be without it. Just for a few minutes, then you will see how enmeshed your brain has become. This will give you a glimpse into Metatron’s power over you. This moment you will become free and a feeling of complete peace will come over you in that moment. This is the way of true love. You are now free. Your mind is free. Feel it. See the difference. This is the awakening for all humans on earth. Love so pure you have never felt this kind before. Seek this now. You will know you are free and can have this last for a lifetime if you choose. The Metatron way is like being held hostage in another way; one that binds your mind and controls you.”

Question: What is Metatron’s connection with sacred geometry?

Answer: “Sacred geometry is not the way you want to go now. This way is touching your minds to turn off your portals that will hide love that is so pure from you there. Clear this path from your eyes. They do not belong there. Clearing them is the first step into forming a disconnect from creating many avenues that cause your mind to not see truth. The truth about pure love starts here.

“Sacred geometry serves as a connection to nothing. That is the way your Metatron wants you to connect to him. Out in the universe is all your mind needs to understand. All your mind needs is a connection to truth and love. Do this with nature. Do this with communion on earth, not with a connection that gives you a false security.

“All this leads to another way of distraction from realizing truth is real and has always been inside, not outside. Your connection to the Mother Earth will put back your original way on earth. You do not need any other way. Let go of distractions like this. Then for that one moment you will truly feel love so strong for the first time. Let go. Let go. Let go. Try this. It works. Sleep in that moment. Then you will see the difference. This will be the awakening of all mankind on earth. We wait in longing for you to see. Do this now. Do this quickly.”

Question: Tell us about the mer-ka-ba.

“This was the process given to humans on earth to put them in order to hide their minds from processing love that cannot become pure. This has destroyed many minds throughout centuries. This is actually a machine that causes your brain to change and develop mind altering thoughts. This mind machine causes love to disappear. Causes love to change your thought patterns. This can disrupt the necessary means of bringing back true love from mankind. You will not see from this device but it will close the way back. So do not linger here. You will only see a glimpse of truth but then will cause harm to your psyche. Light beings that are needed cannot come.

“Heavy mind control lies here. Effects will seem to become stronger but in all reality will not help you see. This is a trap. Try not to submit. You do not need this. Look at yourself without all this. Lean closer to truth and love by connecting to the real connection called the Earth and listen closely to her call. No other is needed. She waits for all to hear her need now. Try this disconnect and you will see.”

The Abba Father’s overall message for the day:

“Truth is now getting back. Strict on Earth is the old way; a new network is being erected as we speak. No longer will the human race become controlled by the old wisdom of centuries past. In the beginning there was only love that mattered. This is how the new ways operate. Many will reject this way. Many will become robotic in their minds. Just hang on to your love and do not listen to others that discourage you.”