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Have Money Powers Stolen The Gold?


By James Donahue

While getting information about future storms looming for the Northeast Coast during a session with The Abba Father on November 14, we received a strange message that didn’t make much sense at the time.

The Abba Father said: Federal Reserve will no longer be a problem for others. It is now under another roof, not there (the Federal Reserve building on Long Island at 33 Liberty Street). It was severely damaged so another place was used to store the money. This building is only a dummy now. Not real.”

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reportedly holds about 7,000 tons of gold bullion in a vault constructed 80 feet below street level and 50 feet below sea level and under the massive 10-story bank building erected in 1924. Almost 98 percent of the gold is owned by the central banks of foreign nations. The rest is owned by the United States and some other international organizations. Some believe the reserve may be the largest gold repository in the world.

But lately there have been rumblings that some of the world banks are getting nervous about leaving their gold at that location and are attempting to have it returned to them. A story in the Los Angeles Times on August 2, 2012, noted that the federal government was auditing the gold stored in that vault and even drilling small holes in the bars to test their purity. The story said this was prompted by rumors among “conspiracy theorists” that billions of dollars in gold had gone missing. Stories were circulating about a shadowy government operation that involved swapping the bullion with gold-painted bars.

The result of the audit are not yet being made public as of the time of this writing.

Stuart Wilde in a brief report on his blog page November 15 posted the following strange message:

“Countries no longer trust the Federal Reserve, they have begun to demand that their gold that is stored in the Fed’s vaults in NY be repatriated. Venezuela repatriated 160 tons recently from NY and the Bank of England, Switzerland and the Netherlands are also demanding their gold back.

“Germany went to inspect their gold that the Feds hold in NY. The Feds refused to let the Germans see it, citing security issues. The security of the Feds relies on people not wanting their gold back; people suspect the gold has been looted by the Feds and that it is not there anymore. I imagine Germany will now make a formal request for all of its 3000 plus tons back.”

The Abba Father’s message now is beginning to be more revealing if the above conspiracy stories have any foundation. But what about that report that the Federal Reserve Building is severely damaged? When and how did this happen? Was it the result of Hurricane Sandy or was the “attempted bomb plot” that occurred there in October more successful than federal authorities are telling us?

That story involved a 21-year-old man from Bangladesh, allegedly inspired by the al-Qaeda terrorist movement, who was caught “allegedly assembling and attempting to detonate what he believed to be a 1,000-pound bomb” at the Federal Reserve Bank.

The suspect, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, was reportedly caught up in a web among federal agents who provided him bomb components that were never designed to work.

At least that is the story we were all given.