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Abba Father: Anvil Hanging Over Los Angeles?

By James Donahue

It may not happen. And if it does occur, the date of the massive earthquake that The Abba Father predicts will strike Los Angeles and Southern California may be years in the future.

But it might happen tomorrow.

During our session with The Abba Father on November 14, 2012, while getting the warning of another major storm that will hit the Northeast Coast in 2013, we also were told of an 8-point earthquake that will devastate Los Angeles, Southern California and Northern Mexico. It will apparently be such a powerful quake it will cause a tsunami that will ravage Pacific coastal communities for hundreds if not thousands of miles.

After receiving the news of the next major storm that will target New York and Long Island, we asked if any other large coastal cities in the United States will be hit by major storms. The answer in The Abba Father’s own words:

"California will not be hit with severe storms next year. The tilt of the Earth will only hit the East Coast. But in turn California and Mexico will get another earthquake. About an eight (point) one there." He said it will be "felt all across that part of the U.S.A. Los Angeles will become a disaster area. Water will raise all along the shore. It will come onto land that is on the ocean. All this will destroy homes. Stay away from the shore. All homes will vanish there."

There was yet more bad news. The Abba Father issued a brief warning of "a large airplane crashes into a city suburb in Baltimore, east of LaGuardia runway." This plane will either be approaching New York’s LaGuardia Airport, or just taken off. Again, we warn that timelines are almost impossible to get from this entity. We have noticed, however, that eventually The Abba Father’s prophetic predictions tend to come true.

The good news for all of the Mayan Calendar alarmists, The Abba Father says nothing is going to happen on December 21, 2012. He said: "Your planet will not become gone. Your planet will become torn on its lands. Struck on planet will be a devastating event that will come at another time, not at the end of the Mayan Calendar year."

We could not get more details about the devastating event or when it would occur. When we asked we received the following message: "Processed information is not valid. It is a scare tactic that others hide from all. The real advice is to train your minds to knowledge that you already know. All of the human race has this information and can access this at any time."

Indeed, we already know what we are doing to our planet and the looming disaster we are bringing down on ourselves. It doesn’t take a psychic or a message from the other side to spell it out for us.