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Abba Father: Another Storm Worse Than Sandy



By James Donahue

Even as the cleanup following Super-storm Sandy continues along the Northeast Coast, debate is building over decisions to rebuilt waterfront homes and businesses. Some environmentalists warn that rising sea levels and changing weather patterns make it likely that the coast will be hit by more destructive storms. The construction of large seawalls, similar to the ones now protecting the communities along the Holland Coast that can be electronically closed in the event of a looming storm, also has been discussed.

Sandy, which has been blamed for 170 deaths and an estimated $50 billion in damages mostly in the New York and New Jersey coastal regions, has been labeled a hybrid storm created by a collision of a hurricane coming ashore from the Atlantic and a winter storm bearing down on the area from the northwest. Some say the odds of such a storm occurring again are very low.

But scientists are watching with alarm this year as the great ice caps over Greenland and the Arctic region melt away and world sea levels continue to rise. As the ocean waters heat the storms generated there grow in intensity. Thus the cities along the coasts are already getting battered by every storm that comes along.

It is known that the worldwide average sea level is about a foot higher than it was a century ago. Predictions are that the water will rise at least another two feet if not higher as the ice continues to melt.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says the shore is too important not to rebuild. But New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has pointed to climate change as a growing threat to the coastal cities. He said the damage from Hurricane Sandy “should compel all elected leaders to take immediate action” to address the problem of climate change.

Jeffress Williams, of the U. S. Geological Survey, said he believes it is highly likely that the coast will be hit by more frequent destructive storms like Katrina and Sandy. He and others are suggesting relocating homes and businesses farther from the ocean, building seawalls and keeping sand dunes high to ward off the destructive effects of the heavy seas.

Author Alan Weisman, who produced The World Without Us, a book that deals with the problem of maintaining coastal cities against the growing threat of storms, high seas and flooding, notes that cities in Bangkok, Manila and China have suffered similar destructive storms in recent years.

“Combining rising seas with overbuilt cities poses constant risk of disaster. This is just one storm, terrible as it was. What happens when there are more of them?” Weisman warned.

We have news from The Abba Father, the spiritual elder that communicates through my wife, Doris Donahue, and makes predictions of future events. During a session with this entity on November 14, 2012, we were warned that another coastal storm, even worse than Sandy, will hit that same area sometime in 2013.

This storm, or perhaps another that follows it, will be so powerful it will erode and topple the Statue of Liberty and cause massive flooding on Long Island that shuts down all business, drives residents from their homes, and shuts down the stock exchange on Wall Street for good.

In The Abba Father’s own words: “Another storm coming there and hits New York again. Many will not leave but storm will cause a damaged port and a damaged Long Island that cannot be rebuilt again.”

He said “Money will be needed to put a long barrier there but this barrier will not withstand the next storm.”

The entire coastal area along New Jersey and New York will become desolate as future storms batter that coast. “Storm will not stop there but will come inland along the border of a national monument called Statue of Liberty. This will become destroyed and topple under pressure,” The Abba Father said.

After Long Island is flooded the stock exchange on Wall Street “will become finished,” The Abba Father said.

How accurate are the Abba Father predictions? He told us in 2011 that President Barack Obama would enjoy a landslide victory this year. He also warned in 2010 of an event that would leave the Northeast coastal area of the United States “under water.” You can read all of the Abba Father predictions in the Abba Father Dialogue files posted on this website.

Since The Abba Father appears to exist in a timeless dimension, it has been hard for us to get exact timelines for predicted events. We are sometimes shocked at how accurate the information is once the predicted event happens.