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Superstorm Sandy Was Predicted By Abba Father

By James Donahue

It was during a session with The Abba Father on April 10, 2011, that my wife and I received a grim warning of a major flooding event looming for the Northeastern coast of the United States. We thought perhaps the tropical storm Nicole and later Hurricane Irene that caused flooding and damage all along the coast was fulfillment of this prophetic warning.

Now we understand that the message was describing Hurricane Sandy. The Abba Father said: "Torn away is the northern part of the east coast. Real monsoon comes there." He said the area will become "a water field."

The warning was part of a larger message that the United States and the entire world was about to be strongly affected by the human failure to be good stewards of the Earth and the failure to do something about global warming and climate change.

The Abba Father warned: "Events come that make it harmful to process food and other resources. This will not happen until the fall comes in the Eastern United States."

He said in that 2011 warning that "you will not know about the severity until next year. An event happens this year (the two storms mentioned above) but many will not be harmed by this. But food and water will be affected. Property will become worthless. Stored food will become golden.

"Waterways cannot be protective so any waters that are fresh will become a life way for many. The world is getting harmed by the oil and gas that all humans use. This comes to a halt this time. World powers see money coming into their banks because of this. Money will become scarce. Many are homeless.

"No one helps another. This will become a blight on Earth; soon to become desolate. So the solution is to prepare our systems to carefully tend to the Garden no matter what another thinks. Toil like this heals even a small portion. The world is living not dead yet, so awake ones can protect what is left. You must start now. Do not wait. The Earth needs you.

"The Earth wails now in desperation for help. She cannot speak. She cannot bear the torture to her back any longer. So rise up you who are the seeing and the lovely ones who processed this way for a long time. The Mother is grateful for your energy. Queens and kings are they all. Gifted ones come forth now to help. Do not give up."

The timing of this disastrous storm appears to have been a message from the Mother Earth in the only way she has of speaking to humanity. It came just one week before national elections. Notice that the subject of climate change has not been an issue between the major candidates.

Jill Stein, the lesser known Green Party candidate for the presidency, has been gaining a lot of attention this year among younger voters who are tired of the way the nation has been going and the way the elected political leaders have been in bed with big coal and oil companies, thus ignoring the growing implications of climate change. Stein and her running mate, Cheri Honkala are offering a green energy platform that promises to address this critical issue. Sadly the media has ignored Stein’s candidacy. In fact, Stein and other Green Party members were arrested when they attempted to enter the site of the second televised presidential debate at Hofstra University on Long Island. Their point was that the Commission on Presidential Debates refused to let Stein participate in the debate.

It is interesting to note that Hurricane Sandy zeroed in on Long Island last week. The damage there and to the entire Northeastern Coast is so extensive it may take years for the area to fully recover.

Suddenly the issue of climate change is on everybody’s mind as Election Day draws near. They may also be thinking about Jill Stein when they cast their votes.

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