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Abba Father: Government Is Controlling Our Minds

By James Donahue

A new warning has been issued by The Abba Father, the entity that communicates with us through my wife, Doris. We are warned that the U. S. military has turned on a newly developed device that can “manipulate” the way people all over the world think and behave.

This message, received on May 20, 2012, is posted here exactly as it was received:

“Truth is turned heavy now. A heavy monitor is turned on toward the people. Resist by knowing this device is now here. This will protect your mind from harm.

“The reason for this operation is to know what humans are doing with their minds. Trained operators decide where to operate this device. It reads minds. Your minds are like a computer and this device can manipulate your thinking. It has sound waves targeting minds all over the world. This has the power to manipulate many decisions. That is why humans need to know and be aware. This device exists and is being used as we speak.

“This device will shut down any thoughts about music, art and love. This device will make humans sterile and no thought will occur. So it is important to make as many aware of this powerful device as possible.”

The Abba Father said the device has been developed by the United States military after years of research. It said technicians “processed the device about 10 years ago and now on this day it is in use. It was tested about a year ago on people over an area called Republic of China. This was tested also in an area of Portugal with success in its transmission.

“Now it will be used in the United States and will leave many not able to comprehend as well as in the past.”

The purpose of this mind control device is to “put back memory of yesteryears so minds cannot know history,” the Abba Father said.

When asked, he said this “device” is being operated under the “Zyn program, a secret organization and now exists here.”