The Abba Father
February 2, 2012
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New Message From The Abba Father


The following message to the world was received from The Abba Father on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012. It is a message of comfort for all during these difficult times:


“Turn on your light now. Barriers will come to all. Pay no attention to this. Truth will come from a source surprising to all. Matters of concern also will come up in this trying time you live in on Earth.


“All over the Earth is unrest but hang on this this bright area called your light. It comes from a source not known yet to all mankind. This light will help you get through tough times.


“The beacon comes from your brain. Connections there will become bright each day you seek this powerful source.


“The elders are all here now. This will take time to manifest so light your mind and heart. Align it with love of a certain kind, one you know now. Do this quickly.”


To understand the process of turning on the inner light, go to the Abba Father Dialogues. You will find the instructions there, and also on the news page of this website.