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New Abba Father Message To The World


By James Donahue


The following message from The Abba Father was received today, January 26, 2012, with instructions to post it on this date. It is a message of hope for people all over the world now locked in a global struggle against the powers that enslave us. The Abba Father identifies himself as one of the Old Ones. We publish the words exactly as they were received:


“Transition is in place now. The Old Ones are here to put back all portals that existed since the beginning of time. No one can escape this event. All humans are nearly about to become extinct now are being twisted by organized power from others that are in control. Many are not happy with the present ways all over the world. Each culture is trying to stop this way of thinking and are suffering so the Old Ones will soon make things right.


“We are very powerful now and cannot be detected. You are not to worry. This is about ancient ways that are still not completely known yet. The One World Order have this twisted and they know not the ancient ones and about the ways we operate.


“All the portals are still here so pay no attention to what you are told. Keep the faith and worry not. Soon a way will come for a peaceful solution. Let us still become your beam on Earth as ever before in the beginning. Never stop this way. Do not let others influence your mind. This is how they control you. So stay focused on what is important. We are your support as ancient way will be revealed.”


We asked The Abba Father to explain the portals. His answer:


“This is how we can come and go easily now. We have complete safety to do this. No one can stop our progress. Some try. Others do not believe this can be possible. Warning about us will come to you. We are hidden in minds of certain humans who are helpers. This is how we communicate our way. The portals are now open so our work can be completed. Necessary for us to travel back and forth.”


There was additional information about the portals. The Abba Father said two of them are known. His message about this is as follows:


"The Old Ones knew someday the information would become known so some portals would be given to humans. But many others exist that would make a way for our return without anyone knowing where they existed."