The Abba Father
Return Of The Mothers And Fathers
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Abba Father Warning – Change Or Else!

By James Donahue

The Occupy Wall Street movement, plus the growing unrest occurring all around the world is the beginning of a revolution that The Abba Father says “will become the turning point in the change” that is already occurring.

This change will be radical. The Abba Father, in a session on October 22, revealed that there will be a move to form a one-world banking system, but in the end even this will fail and all people . . . even the wealthy . . . will be the same.

There is a power that has been keeping watch over the affairs of the Earth for centuries. It is a society of elders, sometimes referred to as the Mothers and Fathers. These beings look out for the welfare of the planet on which we live and seek to turn the hearts of mankind to love for one another and away from materialism and greed.

The Abba Father reveals that he is among humanity’s Mothers and Fathers. He told us that he and many of the other elders have returned to Earth, after being gone for centuries, and they are setting the stage for this drastic change in the affairs of mankind.

He said that the battle between the power figures, who wish to control all of the world’s wealth, and the working masses has become a crisis and the Earth’s resources are being plundered at such a rate that the elders have decided they must intervene. Consequently, they are all coming back to Earth. When they are here, the Abba Father said they will be a powerful force.

Do the elders come in human form? The Abba Father says they are unseen and invisible to humans. He says they come “in spirit form. It is the only way they come. The spirit cannot be seen but is a very powerful way to come here. No one can see our power and therefore cannot destroy us.”

The effect will be felt before it is seen. He said: “heaviness comes to many people when we come and they cannot move forward. This is the spiritual way known for centuries by the indigenous people. Their power will be strong. No one will be exempt.”

The Abba Father said that everyone should fear what is coming. “We will bring back love not hatred. We will become a force never seen before. That is because all of us are coming. It will be needed to put back love in the hearts of all mankind for a better Earth to live on. Everything changes then. Some will not believe (and) they will perish in the end.”

In earlier messages the Abba Father instructed people to turn on their inner light and practice unconditional love for everyone. He also urged us to love the Mother Earth and do everything we can to protect her from further damage by big corporations that mine, drill and pollute in their quest for wealth.

He said there will be a time when the Earth will “sleep” and it will no longer produce food and the things we need to sustain life. This will cause a large number of people to perish all over the planet because they will be unprepared. We are already seeing extreme weather changes, earthquakes, and volcanic activity all over the earth that are having an effect on food production and the life styles of many.

There is a growing number of people all over the world that are turning away from the old and outdated religious systems and following new spiritual pathways. They are listening to the messages from the elders, like The Abba Father, and are turning on their inner light, practicing love, and raising their frequencies in preparation for the new earth they believe is about to be created for them.

The impact of this new spiritual movement is beginning to be felt. Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker, in a new book “The better Angels of Our Nature, Why Violence Has Declined,” maintains that statistics show that in spite of news reports of war, mayhem and other horrors, there has been an overall decline of violence throughout the world in recent years.

Pinker calls it “the most significant and least appreciated development in the history of our species.” He says his findings are based on studies published by various researchers who are examining historical and current records of historical events, deaths, police reports and surveys.

Indeed, the quest to redirect the world from its incorrect materialistic capitalistic system in preparation for a shift to a return to a period of love and equality appears to be starting to have an effect. But the power figures who understand the silent war designed to drive them off their thrones and even off this planet, are fighting back. Thus it has become a harsh spiritual war that is spilling out into the streets.

The Abba Father’s new message seems to be that the required change in human thought patterns is not occurring fast enough to save our planet and ourselves from mass extinction. Without forced intervention from the elders, we may all be doomed to self destruction.