The Abba Father
September 17, 2011
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New Ominous Predictions From The Abba Father

By James Donahue

There has never been a time in human memory that the entire world has been caught up in the kind of chaotic condition that we now find ourselves in. The growing wall between government “authority” and the people has become a “them and us” status in nearly every nation. There is a general collapse financial, educational, religious and social institutions as we once knew them. The very planet we live on is overcrowded, polluted, running out of resources and in a state of upheaval.

Is the fearsome Mayan prophecy coming true before our eyes? Will the world end on December 21, 2012? Is the Christian myth of a looming apocalypse about to befall us? What can we expect? Why is all of this happening?

For more than a year we have been posting prophetic reports from various writers, lecturers and spiritual leaders who claim to be in contact with entities in the invisible realm that many believe surrounds our own. Whether they are angels or beings from other worlds, all of the messengers have been delivering basically the same story: the world is entering a painful period of transition. It is not going to end.

The Abba Father, who communicates through my wife, Doris, has told us that the decision by world leaders and big corporations to ignore the environmental movement and to continue drilling for gas, oil and dig for natural resources has been the final straw.

“Program to stop the pillage was put back so the Earth fights now. Many will die because of a huge heave that will occur soon on a large volcano that will erupt. This will affect all on Earth. No one is excluded,” The Abba Father said.

This entity has always said that the problems ravaging the Earth are the result of a failure by the people to follow the basic teachings of nearly every spiritual and religious institution in existence. We were supposed to practice unconditional love for one another. Instead of this, we allowed money and materialism to be our god. We have substituted greed for love.

The Abba Father’s message this week: “Stronger forces rule the Earth than you think. Your world is about love not money.” He urges those who will listen to practice love and to turn away from their quest for materialism. “This has an effect on all who use this power. The others will not want this change to happen but we have an order to all things there, so heed this rule to stop hatred and start all love. Do this now. Do not wait.”

Another interesting prophecy by The Abba Father was that President Barack Obama is going to win a second term in office, and that voters will give Mr. Obama the political support he needs in both the House and Senate to start pulling the nation out of the deep social, economic and spiritual pit that has developed since George W. Bush stole the high office in 2000.

About Mr. Obama the Abba Father said: “He is not with the others. He is a good one. He cannot help the people because of greed. He wants peace and work for all but the rest will not let his programs get started. He needs help on all levels. He is alone in his journey. He loves America so much and sees the corruption all around but cannot do anything to stop this. He does not deserve the position they put him in yet he wants to stay to try to make things better for all.”

The Abba Father and the other messengers have been predicting a time of extreme turmoil that is even now beginning to ravage our planet and leave death and destruction in its wake. The volcanic eruptions, which will involve Mount Etna on the east coast of Sicily, will deliver so much ash in the stratosphere that the world will experience a long cold period when there will be no crops.

The Abba Father also warns that a major event will be a rogue “fragment” from space that crashes down somewhere on the lower peninsula of Michigan, in an area north of Detroit.

While the U. S. media has not been covering the issue, a BBC story last week said a five-ton, 20-year-old satellite has fallen out of orbit and is expected to crash to Earth on or about September 24. NASA cannot yet predict just where this satellite will fall but believes it will break up into as many as 26 fiery pieces before it hits.

The debris could rain over an area up to 300-miles wide.

Will this be the object the Abba Father sees striking Michigan? We will all know within the next few days.