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Severe Warning From The Abba Father!

By James Donahue

We publish today the complete and unaltered text of a message received on Sunday, April 10, 2011 from The Abba Father. The implications are that the United States, and the entire world is about to be strongly affected by the constant assault humans are making on the Mother Earth. While the warning is grim, Abba Father offers a ray of hope. He calls upon all of the “awake queens and kings” to “toil” by both mind and body to repair and be good stewards to all that is left of our planet. For instructions on how to sing away the heart sadness, go to

The text of the Abba Father’s message follows:

“In May of this year bad storms will cripple the United States. I cannot hold back information now. So important to ones living now! Events come that make it harmful to process food and other resources. This will not happen until the fall comes in the Eastern United States.

“You will not know about the severity until next year. An event happens this year but many will not be harmed by this. But food and water will be affected. Property will become worthless. Stored food will become golden.

“Waterways cannot be protective so any waters that are fresh will become a life way for many there. The world is getting harmed by the oil and gas that all humans use. This comes to a halt this time. World powers see money coming into their banks because of this. Money will become scarce. Many are homeless.

“No one helps another. This will become a blight on Earth; soon to become desolate. So the solution is to prepare our systems to carefully tend to the Garden no matter what another one thinks. Toil like this heals even a small portion. This world is living not dead yet so the awake ones can protect what is left. You must start now. Do not wait. The Earth needs you.

“The Earth wails now in desperation for help. She cannot speak. She cannot bear the torture to her back any longer. So rise up you who are of the seeing and the lovely ones who processed this way for a long time. The Mother is grateful for your energy. Queens and kings are they all. Gifted ones come forth now to help. Do not give up.

“Help will come in a way not known before this. All that is needed is a few awake souls and Earth will process the rest. Do this using your mind and heart. Let this energy come out through your open mouth. Sing now. Let all grief and sorrow go. Then you will be ready to help the Mother survive.

“The mind is so powerful beyond what all have been told. Every cell is controlled by the mind and heart. Light your cells up using your mind and heart. Healing takes place in this way. You can protect your body now from harm using this light force. This light is connected to the Mother. She is waiting for you. Start now. Start now. Love will flow once again into her innermost core never to stop. Don’t let love go away. Stop hatred. Stop harm. Let the love come to you now.”