The Abba Father
Entering A New World
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Abba Father:  We Are Entering Fifth Last World

By James Donahue

The increasing world tension, the conflicts within governments, the extreme weather patterns and the dying of birds and sea mammals by the thousands are all the result of the change that is happening to Planet Earth. Everything we have known is going away. When the disruption ends, we will be living on a Fifth and final world.

This is the message received on Wednesday, January 26, from The Abba Father. It is strangely comparable to the ancient Hopi stories that tell how the people live on a fourth world after surviving the destruction of three previous worlds. The Hopi also share a prophecy of a fifth and final world.

In his most recent message, the Abba Father said:”The Earth must go into a fifth world as the last. All mankind will unite at this time. Others who are not with the Earth will perish or leave.”

We were instructed to publish the Abba Father’s message about the Earth changes. He said: “Abba Father’s words are important now to listen to.”

The message included the following:

“Reports of fallen birds remain a low frequency wave barrier. This low frequency is recorded now at a power station on a big planetarium in the United States. They are alarmed at such a low reading. They cannot always pick it up on their equipment. Earth’s tones are changed to a lower one that is not yet known to mankind. Birds can pick up these tones. Also sea mammals can hear this tone. So they are confused about their location.”

The Abba Father also predicted another shift in the North Pole that will be caused by yet another wobble in the Earth. It will happen so slowly that it will not be physically noticed at first. The message in Abba Father’s words:

“Slowly it will shift again soon. This will cause more weather changes to happen in areas not known to have shifts. This will happen on occasion while Earth is on a wobble but this will not last long and stop.”

Without going into graphic detail, the Abba Father hinted at extreme events to be endured, and renewed the instructions outlined in the messages published on this website in 2010 as the way to survive:

“Earth as we know it now will return to a green one so love one another with burning hearts. Try not to harm anyone. Love in spite of chaos now around the planet. Stay with the Earth. Stay with life as it once was. Turn on your heart and mind to all light source. This is the only way to survive what you face for future events coming.”

The message concludes with the following plea:

“Stay on. Stay on. Hold your love for Earth in your hearts and mind. Make this your prayer. Never stop. Rest now. Peace comes to all soon.”